Here Is The World’s First Solid State Battery For Electric Two-wheelers

  • Mar 9, 2022
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Gogoro’s recently unveiled prototype is, in fact, reverse-compatible with existing Gogoro electric two-wheelers

Taiwanese electric scooter and battery swapping company Gogoro has unveiled a prototype of the world’s first solid-state lithium ceramic swappable battery designed for electric two-wheelers. The prototype was developed in conjunction with Taiwanese battery technology company ProLogium Technology, which is also the world’s only solid-state battery manufacturer.

The best bit about this battery pack is that it has been designed to be reverse compatible with all existing Gogoro-powered electric vehicles. This means the entire fleet can be upgraded by simply replacing the older batteries with the newer, more technologically advanced ones, making it cost-effective in the process. Gogoro claims these have higher energy density and consequently, offer a better range.. In fact, the company claims its solid-state batteries will increase the capacity of current lithium batteries by 140% or more, for example, from 1.7 kWh to 2.5 kWh.

This coupled with the reverse compatibility means one can extract a considerable amount of range from an existing EV by merely swapping the battery pack. Backward compatibility also eliminates the need to re-engineer the existing platform to accommodate newer technologies. Compared to lithium-ion batteries, the solid-state lithium ceramic batteries are more stable and safer to use.

We already know Gogoro and Hero MotoCorp have teamed up for the latter’s EV ambitions in India. Though the new solid-state battery is still a prototype, it wouldn’t be long before Gogoro upgrades its lineup with the new tech. Consequently, going forward, it will also make its way to the Hero Electric scooter, which the company will launch in July this year, under a new sub-brand, dedicated to electric mobility, called Vida.

Summing up, advancement in battery technologies is a must for the EV industry to move forward, as currently, the only factor impeding the adoption of electric vehicles is the relatively shorter range they offer. However, with more efficient batteries, one can work around this bottleneck. Moreover, with swapping technology, the downtime is also reduced substantially compared to fast charging.

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