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  • 3.8

    Bike is good but mileage issue,Seating comfort is super,Breaking is evarage

  • 3.8

    Bahut achhi thik hai so so lekin maja nai technologi main hain kyonki puranna purana hota hai naya naya

  • 4.6

    Very good running no problem only mileage and fuel.Tank problem but running is very good speed is also good and all part are working very father fully and exclent condition.

  • 4.2

    Good to ride and comfortable in long trips.I am using this for last 3 years.Amazing experience.Accessories are finding difficult to get in market.This is the only issue.

  • 2.6

    too bad servicebad customer careunlucky to buy this cheap bike

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  • 5.0

    Bajaj Avenger is very good bike no need to buy any bullet is Bai no maintenance by if you drive very careful discover the bike in the rain in special in India don"t think about maintenance very low because heavy bike problem comes in clutch plate there is no any other maintenance I have filled in 10 years there will be some maintenance that"s because of you are not taking care it may Bajaj Avenger very good pick up bike 180 cc there is no maintenance only clutch plate that because of heavy bike in the rush don"t operate gearbox very carefully keep shining maintained by then you will not get any type of maintenance average of Dubai you will get around 40 and this by don"t think about average that"s huge bike

  • 1.8

    Even im suffring form self start, can anybody help to understand this problem, already my bike is in warranty i have given 4times complain but they r not bothering of customers, the service manager is not giving warranty, i have driven only 4785 km & friends who all r planning to buy this bike my best suggestion is don't buy this bike,can anybody help me to rectify my bike.

  • 4.6

    Ride quality is too good. Riding posture is best for short rider. Very fantastic vehicle for long route journey. Shock absorbers are very buttery. But pillion will bounce on high bumps because the suspension travelling distance is short as Avenger is low height riding bike that"s why. Engine heats to early, but it"s fine. Chain sprockets are low quality. I am having problem only in 15000 kms. Gear shifts are not that accurate to shift fast. Sometimes gear drop form 5th to 4th when u shift early. Otherwise cluthless shifts are too good.

  • 1.8

    I buyed Avenger street 150 from Kangra kachiari showroom and believe me guys it turned out to be the worst experience for me. Every now and then it has a new problem and even while repairing timely it does not give a good average. Moreover battery issue has been main and fuel meter does not rise even if I fill 8 liters of petrol. If someone is planning to buy this Byk i would suggest to change your opinion immidiately and better g for Yamaha or Honda bykes. Even Enfield is better option.

  • 2.2

    My Overall experience is very bad. Really there is some problem in engine of Bajaj 180 Street. I will not recommend to anyone to purchase this bike. to purchase this bike is like wastage of money and making your ridding like hell.

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