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Toyota Fortuner Legender
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Rs. 43.22 Lakh
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Toyota Fortuner Legender User Reviews

Based on 10 rating & 21 reviews
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  • sophisticated driving gests it offers!

    This model has won my whole respect for its pledge to review luxury in a gorgeous shape. My heart belongs to the satiny design and decorating characteristics of the Toyota Legender. It's perfect for business trip since it offers a luxurious and affable driving experience. My delight is due to the emotional interpretation and slice- edge comforts of The Legender. With this masterpiece, Toyota has authentically created a fantastic SUV, and I respect it for the opulent and sophisticated driving gests it offers!

  • complication on the road.

    The qualification handed by this model is truly unusual, which is why I like it. This model has won my heart through the generous immolations it provides. The Toyota Legender is not precisely a car; it's a fabulous presence that sets new norms. Driving it's an experience that commands concentration. The comfort and ergonomic project produce a sumptuous cabin. With its striking project and improved features, the Toyota Legender defines a new position of presence and complication on the road.

  • car is emotion for many aspiring people.

    I wish to buy Toyota Lеgеndеr very soon, it is a stylish and prеmium SUV that has a eye catchy front dеsign, a dual-tonе еxtеrior and a maroon-black intеrior. It has somе еxclusivе fеaturеs such as wirеlеss charging, an еlеctronic rеar-viеw mirror and connеctеd car tеch. It has a 2.8-litrе diеsеl еnginе that dеlivеrs good pеrformancе and rеfinеmеnt. It is a reliable beast. Howеvеr, it is еxpеnsivе and lacks somе fеaturеs. Overall, Toyota Legender is a good choicе for thosе who want a morе attractivе and fеaturе-rich Fortunеr. This car is emotion for many aspiring people.

  • Legender is a strong contender

    Toyota Legender: Driving the Toyota Legender was a blend of luxury and power. The exterior is captivating, and the interior exudes premium vibes. The ride is comfortable, but the handling could be more agile. The infotainment system is user friendly, though more advanced features are expected at this price point. Fuel efficiency is decent, considering its size. If you're looking for a high end SUV with a touch of elegance, the Legender is a strong contender.

  • prestigious driving gests it brings!

    This model has obtained my estimation entirely due to its pledge of reconsidering luxury in a fabulous shape. The Toyota Legender's satiny project and decoration features have won my heart. Its qualification of a sumptuous and comfortable driving experience makes it ideal for administrative peregrinations. The Legender's emotional interpretation and ultramodern amenities have gained my indulgence. Toyota has truly drafted a fabulous SUV with this masterpiece, and I adore it for the sumptuous and prestigious driving gests it brings!

  • Comfortable for ride in this

    Comfortable for ride in this car while riding this car feel like a gangster

  • Examplethis car

    No example this car is very good to drive, Its part is very well made


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