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  • Supportive and comfortable

    The Yamaha FZS 25 is a stylish and sporty bike offering a few additional features for a more feature-rich riding experience. The FZS 25 might have a wider colour selection compared to the FZ 25. Overall the Yamaha FZS 25 caters to riders who want the core performance and style of the FZ 25 with the added benefit of features. Due to its heavy engine it does not provide a good fuel efficiency as i expected from it .

  • Big Bike Feel in a Small Package

    Owning a Yamaha FZS 25 for the past six months has been quite enlightening. It is a step up for anyone looking to graduate from lower cc bikes.Riding comfort is premium with its bi functional LED headlights giving excellent night time visibility and the knuckle guards are a helpful feature on chilly mornings or during slight drizzles. Its muscular design with bold graphics and the large fuel tank enhances both aesthetics and practicality makes it a head turner on the roads.

  • Dynamic Performance and Value-Packed Ride

    It is, with no doubt, quite rewarding as a proud owner of the Yamaha FZS 25, to be able to swear about its incredible quality and reliability. Priced stylishly for its segment, the bike delivers an exciting ride with it’s 249cc engine which sends to power to the ground in a smooth and agile manner. The sport bike's stylish design and ultimate equipment transform ordinary rides into a pleasure. Traveling through winding canyons and highway epics. Altogether, it is without a doubt a top selection for riders looking for both thrill and punctuality too.

  • Highly torquey and refined engine

    The design of Yamaha FZS 25 look nice and the seat is very comfortable and good looks and gives good amount of space but the suspension setup is slightly hard. The engine is very very torqey and the engine is highly refined and is a brillant bike in terms of performance. It is a very practical and sensible choice that i experience and the handlbar is so nice. It is a kind of sporty bike but is a really nice commuter bike and in the traffic it is very decent performer bike.

  • 5.0
    Perfect all rounder bike

    Perfect all rounder bike Thanks to Yahmaha Company great work its every single feature are excellent slow pickup but its good to me I love this bike

  • Style Meets Substance

    With the Yamaha FZS 25 presenting a pleasing mix of style and function it stands out in the very crowded quarter-liter sport bike market taking the term to a whole new level. Its edge and powerful design, the air duct, guards of knuckles and express body graphics directly pronounce street sense and self-confidence while on the road. With a fuel-injected 249cc engine which has been improved for improved performance, it offers smooth and reactive power thanks to the engine calibration that adapts to the rev range. This makes it perfect for both the workday commute in operating town and weekends with the pack. The well adjusted riding position of FZS25, such as slightly uproot seating posture and well cushioned seat, ensures tired-free riding on long rides too.

  • gratify individual predispositions

    The Yamaha FZS 25 emerges as a witching contender, seamlessly marrying dynamic interpretation with aesthetic finesse. Its 249cc single- cylinder hustler propels both civic junkets and open- road gambles into thrilling capers. A robust frame, marked by elaborate silhouettes and striking subjects, ensures a emphatic presence. The FZS 25's project, guided by a strictly clearheaded suspense and complete retardation, promises responsive running. ultramodern indications, involving LED doodads and a digitized press, contribute to a coincidental air. For riders ranging from the seasoned to the uninitiated, the Yamaha FZS 25 offers an admixture of prowess and panache that is poised to gratify individual predispositions.

  • Stylish Commuter with Touring Comfort

    A Fashionable commuter bike that enhances traveling comfort for standard Tours, the Yamaha FZS 25 is a great option for riders appearing for a bike that combines Expression and functionality. The FZS 25's reliable Mechanism provides a affable and flawless ride, making it ideal for both longer passages and megacity commuting. Riders who value comfort and Expression will like the bike's two wheeler, which combines coincidental rudiments with touring- friendly ergonomics. The FZS 25 stands out for its Fashionable two wheeler and commuter- friendly comfort, indeed if further features may ameliorate its touring eventuality. Yamaha has done a great job intending a bike that appeals to riders who want a comfortable and adaptable ride.

  • Yamaha FZS 25 Versatile Street Fighter

    My favored option for a adjustable road combat experience is the Yamaha FZS 25. For its excellent looks and competent best experience, I love my bike. Because of its strong machine and habitual running, riding it through winding and urban Streets is actually thrilling. A head- turning presence on the road is assured by the ambitious performance and quality features. I like how ultrapractical features like the digital instrument package and LED lighting make the ride more comfortable and Stylish. My bike's higher rigidity and ingenious looks make it indeed more cherished. The Yamaha FZS 25 is a road legionnaire with versatility that rules the city terrain with confidence and faculty. It's More than exclusively a ride.

  • Yamaha FZS 25 is just amazing

    The Yamaha FZS 25 arises as a witching competitor, consistently wedding dynamic understanding with tasteful artfulness. Its 249cc single-chamber hawker impels both urban trips and open-street bets into exciting tricks. A hearty casing, set apart by intricate outlines and striking subjects, guarantees an unequivocal presence. The FZS 25's task, directed by a stringently composed tension and complete impediment, guarantees responsive running. ultramodern signs, including Drove trinkets and a digitized press, add to an unplanned air. For riders going from the carefully prepared to the unenlightened, the Yamaha FZS 25 offers an admixture of ability and panache that is ready to delight individual inclinations.

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