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Simple Energy One
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  • 3.8
    In this price segment, it

    In this price segment, It is kind of an expensive model but with worth, It features to offer.It gives a good riding range of 236kms and a top speed of 105kmph, Which is something for other rivals to look at and compete for.And it takes 2.30 hours to charge to 80 percent.

  • Range stars

    A style statement that looks like a sharpy yet cute object is energy one.It has the most unique and new looks and is kind of an inspiration for electric models to be like that.It has the three most common color options to select from.Though the price is something to talk about as range stars from 1lac give a top speed of 105kmph, Which makes it the greatest model ever.

  • Tested simple

    I have tested simple while testing in bangalore i feel very happy for giving me the testing vehicle the initial pick-up was awesome as it had 72nm of torque and the sonic mode is just amazing in simple one all the features we're working and even i have booked the simple one after the test ride and i hope soon it comes to the market

  • Hi my name is david.i will

    Hi my name is david.I will give 5 out 5 rating to simple one electric scooter.Because i like it very much.Its look, It's speed, It's mileage, Etc.Everything is perfect.Comparing to other electric scooters simple one is one step forward.Its driving experience is amazing but in my opinion it's comfortable for youth people beacuse seating position is not much comfortable.And when we drive on high speed we can feel a vibration.It has a disc brake system.Its built quality is good.There is big display that's also good thing in this and it contains a lithium ion battery.Overall it's a good vehicle.In low budget this is a amazing scooter.Thats all.

  • 4.2
    The simple energy one

    The simple energy one has a 4.8 kwh battery and an 8.5 kw motor with a peak torque of 72 nm, Giving it a stated range of 236 kilometers.The company increased the total battery capacity to 6.4kwh earlier this year, Giving the vehicle a range of more than 300km under ideal circumstances.


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