Simple One: Original Promise vs Final Product - Differences Explained

  • May 23, 2023
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Here's how much the Simple One has changed since we first saw it nearly two year ago

If there's one electric scooter that piqued all our interests in this age of rapidly mushrooming electric two-wheelers, it's the Simple One. The performance and range it promised was unmatched by even industry giant Ola, and on the 'first ride' we found it to be as enjoyable as the industry favourite, the Ather 450X. But there was a problem – it's taken the One almost two years to arrive since we first saw it in 2021! Over the course of these two years, the scooter has been re-engineered and now, it claims a significantly different promise to the original proposition. Here's what's new.

Although the early renditions of the e-scooter had a sporty and aggressive profile, there have been modest stylistic alterations. This One (One 2.0? -Or- One part-2?) has sharper panels and equipment that bring out every bit of sportiness in this electric scooter.

The 8.5kW peak power motor produces a claimed yet impressive 72Nm; and although these figures remained unchanged, the motor has been updated to be more efficient. And let’s not forget this e-scooter originally started out with a chain drive, which was ditched for a belt drive for our first ride, which it still retains. But it’s gotten quicker now. How much quicker? From 0 to 40 kmph in just 2.77 seconds, down from 2.95sec (both claimed).

The One's battery has evolved over time as well. Going from a 4.8kWh combined unit (fixed and removable) to a larger 5kWh one (1.5kWh removable battery and a 3.5kWh fixed one). That said, this has strangely had a negative effect on the claimed range under Indian driving conditions (IDC). It is now 225km from a single charge whereas the old claim was 236km. This math makes no sense, just like algebra word problems, but we could chalk that down to the scooter’s weight gain. It now weighs in at a portly 134kg, about 19kg heavier than when we first rode it and 24kg heavier than when we first saw it! 

To improve the One’s ground clearance, while also raising its centre of gravity and making it more comfortable for taller riders, the seat height has gone up from 775mm to 796mm. Great for ‘em tall boys, but what ‘bout ‘em shawtys?

There has been a change in the charging process as well. The One now requires 5 hours 54 minutes to charge from 0 to 80 percent using a home charger. For reference, the older one just required 2 hours 45 minutes to charge from 0 to 80 percent. Sadly, even the quick charging claim of 2.5km per minute has dropped to 1.5km per minute. Four percent bigger battery, charging time more than double? Well, that’s “Simply” for better thermal management and battery longevity.

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And, finally, the price. Back in 2021, Simple was asking Rs 1,09,999 for the One. Today, however, that price has gone up to Rs 1.45 lakh (for the single-tone model) (ex-showroom Bengaluru) including revised FAME 2 subsidy. With such contrasts in the gains and losses, it will be hard to justify its premium if it does not deliver on its promises, everything rides on that now!

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