Secrets Of The TVS iQube

There’s a lot that the soft-spoken TVS iQube isn’t shouting about. We help it out.

 Battery, guarantee.

At the iQube’s test ride event, TVS revealed that 2.25kWh is the usable battery capacity. This is about 85 per cent of the overall installed capacity which pegs the total capacity at an approximate 2.6kWh. This strategy is used to cut out the strain on the battery when charging from empty. This will help keep the battery healthier for longer while extending life too. TVS offers a 3-year/50,000km warranty on the battery pack. 



TVS has set up a new state of the art production line to assemble the battery packs for the iQube. While the lithium-ion cells aren’t made by TVS they are packed into three separate IP67 rated units on this line. 


A lot of hubbub about..  

Unlike the Ather and the Chetak, TVS’ iQube uses a hub motor, which means the electric motor is an integral part of the rear wheel. This layout is unconventional but offers some key advantages. It helps with responsiveness and efficiency as there is barely any transmission loss. Given that the motor is sitting in a breezy location, there is no additional cooling system for it but to protect it from the elements, it is also IP67 rated. This 3kW unit is sourced from Bosch and can give you 4.4kW of peak power for sixty seconds. That’s plenty of zoom-zoom when required!  

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Riding on the Jupiter? 

The iQube shares some of its components with the Jupiter, like the front alloy wheel and telescopic forks. The setup has been adjusted keeping the iQube’s weight and chassis in mind. Yes, the chassis is a bespoke design as the underbone chassis forks at the floorboard and runs around the perimeter, thereby making space for one of the battery packs. The other two battery packs have also been squeezed in under the seat. All in all, the iQube’s wheelbase has been stretched to 1300mm compared to 1275mm for the Jupiter. Rear suspension? A dual-sided box-section swingarm and twin-shock absorbers mean there’s no commonality here at all. 


Future ready? 

Fast charging has been a notable miss on TVS’ electric scooter. However, it turns out that this feature is already well under development, and traces of which can be seen on the iQube. For instance, the panel on the tail section has been earmarked for integrating the larger fast charger port on future iQubes. This port also requires significant space behind the bodywork, which has also been left unused on the current iQubes. TVS say that the batteries and the allied hardware is also capable of handling fast-charging duties. However, the software component will require an update, which can be done easily. 


Tech fest 

The iQube is also loaded with hardware that screams digital. There are 6 processors and 33 sensors that keep the iQube going quick and quiet. The iQube packs a gyroscope and an accelerometer to switch off the motor in case of a fall. During our test ride at TVS’ test track, we discovered that the system also restricts torque in case of high lean angles just to keep things safe. 

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A penny saved... 

Folks opting for the iQube close to launch get a solid price advantage as TVS has waived the cost of the home charger unit and data plan cost for the connected vehicle features (for the first year). It is expected that the home-charger will be available for around Rs 6,000 to Rs 7,000. Eventually, TVS will also offer multiple subscription plans for the connected features which will cost in the region of Rs 3,000 to Rs 6,000 per year. 

We look forward to spending quality time with TVS’ iQube and unravel a few more of its secrets. How much range does it offer in the real world? Does it really charge as fast? The wait though will be a bit long as TVS’ iQube will step outside of Bengaluru only later this year. What more would you want to know about TVS’ iQube? Please let us know in the comments below!

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