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This Chinese Cruiser Is A Honda Rebel 500 With Fairing

Wuling’s first motorcycle copies the Japanese cruiser to the T

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Wuling Motors, a car manufacturer from China has unveiled its first motorcycle, christened Serpol No.1. At first glance, this motorcycle is quite a looker, but a closer inspection reveals that this bike has a lot in common with the Honda Rebel 500.

The rear fender, scooped seat and the fuel tank are eerily similar to the Japanese cruiser. But what stands out is its front fairing. This not just adds to the visual appeal of the motorcycle, but should also make it more aerodynamic and cut down windblast.

Apart from the design, the Surpol and the Rebel 500 have more similarities. For starters, the two-into-one exhaust is similar on both the bikes. However, the Honda packs a 471cc parallel-twin engine making 47PS, while the Wuling features a 494cc engine with a claimed 53PS peak output. 

The Wuling Serpol No.1 and the Honda Rebel 500 have similar suspension setup with telescopic fork and dual-shocks. Both bikes even flaunt similar 16-inch rims. And though the braking hardware looks similar, the Wuling features a radial J.Juan caliper at the front, while Honda uses Nissin axial caliper up front.

Wuling has not revealed any pricing information yet, but this bike is likely to be cheaper than the Honda. Unfortunately, we don’t see either of these coming to India anytime soon. But if you are looking for a cruiser in this segment, the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 makes a strong case for itself.

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