Confirmed: Kinetic Luna To Soon Return In An Electric Avatar

  • May 31, 2023
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The upcoming electric moped will take on the mighty TVS XL 100

Just months after reports of Luna making a comeback in an electric avatar surfaced online, Kinetic Green founder and CEO Sulajja Firodia Motwani has confirmed the same. It would be called the e-Luna and here’s what we can expect:

To Be A Workhorse Like The Original Luna

The Kinetic Green e-Luna will likely cater to the vast B2B market, and so would be built to be a proper utilitarian product. Think of it as an electric alternative to the TVS XL 100. So, Kinetic Green’s upcoming electric moped may primarily focus on range and more importantly, load-carrying capacity.

To cater to different types of businesses, we expect the e-Luna to have a modular design. So, bits like a top box, carriers at the front and rear, or even a cooler box could be available with this product. 

Unlikely To Be A Low-speed Product

The Kinetic Green e-Luna is unlikely to be a low-speed e-moped and could have a top speed of around 45kmph to 50kmph. It could  have a hub motor, and a torquey one at that, to suit its intended purpose. The Kinetic e-Luna could have a range of 100km, and though fast-charging may not be an option, having swappable batteries would definitely be helpful for B2B applications.

Pedals on the Luna made it all the more iconic and we hope that the e-Luna continues with this. Though pedalling may not be the most convenient way to reach your destination, it would certainly save you the hassle of pushing the e-moped in case you run out of juice.

May Not Be As Affordable As The TVS XL 100

Now, let’s get to the pricing. The price of the TVS XL 100 starts Rs 44,999 (ex-showroom Delhi), but we expect the Kinetic Green e-Luna to demand Rs 80,000 to Rs 90,000 considering the recent revision in the FAME-II subsidy. And since the name of the product has been confirmed, we can expect it to debut as early as July 2023. In our market, some of the popular alternatives to the e-Luna are the Okinawa Dual 100 and the Detel Easy Plus.

Kinetic e-Luna
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