Hyundai Venue Facelift 2022 Review | A Lot More Desirable?

  • Jun 23, 2022
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For 2022 the Venue gets a host of changes to make it more desirable, but has Hyundai succeeded in doing just that?

It felt like we already knew what the Hyundai Venue facelift is going to be all about, thanks to loads of leaked images and teasers surfacing on the internet. One thing was very clear, where the old Venue was a bit bland and a safe buy, with the new one Hyundai is trying to spice things up. So has Hyundai succeeded in doing just that? We spent a day driving the Venue facelift in search of nine key answers. 


Does it look attractive in the flesh?

The most polarising change on the outside is the front design. When we first saw the images of the Venue facelift the grille seemed too shiny but in person it is anything but that. Hyundai has not used shiny but dark chrome finish for the grille because of which it doesn't look too loud and in fact it now gives the Venue a lot more presence than the old car. 

Apart from the grille, other changes include a sporty new bumper, split design for the turn lights and the headlights now come with LED projectors instead of halogen on the old car.  

At the rear things get a bit interesting. At the rear the Venue now looks a lot more modern and attractive thanks to the new tail lamps that connect via the LED strip that runs across the boot lid. Overall, from the rear, the new Venue now gets a sense of sophistication that the old car never had.

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In profile it remains almost identical, except you get redesigned 16-inch alloys which look a lot sportier. You can choose from six colour options, but our pick, especially if you want a sporty looking Venue, would be the red colour. Additionally, if you opt for the red colour in the top SX(O) variant, you can also go for a contrasting black roof, which adds a bit of jazz to the overall design. 

What about the insides?

On the inside the Venue remains almost unchanged. You get the same dash layout that is simple yet classy, and the quality, too, is right up there with the very best in the segment. The cabin ambiance has changed slightly thanks to Hyundai using a lighter black and beige colour scheme instead of the old car’s all-black cabin. In terms of upholstery, you still don't get full leather seats, instead you get a mix of leather on the bolsters and fabric on the main seat. The seat itself is quite comfortable, as they offer good lateral support. Other than that, the driver's seat also gets power adjustment for recline and seat length, but unfortunately height adjustment is still manual. 

Rear seat experience has improved as well. The rear bench now provides you better underthigh support and you also get a two-step adjustable backrest which will be useful on long journeys. In terms of space you have more than enough headroom, knee room has improved slightly thanks to the scooped-out front seats, yet knee room is just about enough. Even now, it is not the most spacious car in its segment. In terms of rear seat convenience features, you get a central armrest with two cup holders and now it also comes with two type-c charging ports instead of just one 12-volt socket in the old car. However, what would have improved the overall rear seat experience even further is the addition of sunblinds which the Kia Sonet offers. 


Is it well equipped?

When it comes to equipment, you get a brand new infotainment system. At eight inches, it is the same as before and seems smaller than some of the competition. What's new, though, is the screen is now high-res and the software experience is much slicker. The screen is crisp and very easy to use and now you can choose between 10 different languages. Even with the voice commands function, with the new system, you can also choose your preferred language. One more clever change that Hyundai has done is remove the dependence on the voice commands on network availability. This has the added benefit of quicker response times too.


Unfortunately the new infotainment system doesn’t come with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, so you have to carry your phone cable despite getting a wireless phone charger. In fact the lower variants get wireless phone mirroring but no wireless charger. Another new addition is the digital drivers display. It has a funky layout and in the centre you get vital info like tyre pressures and a comprehensive trip computer. Although the Venue’s features list is quite comprehensive, it could have got a bit more “wow” features. The missing features include ventilated seats, auto day and night IRVM, branded sound system and automatic wipers.

What about safety?

in terms of safety, with this being the top-end variant, you get six airbags, ESP, traction control and all the goods, but the good thing is right from the second variant you get things like ESP and traction control. Yes, unfortunately, the option for six airbags is limited only to the top-end sx option variant they should have offered at least four airbags in the low variance for sure 

What about practicality?


The Hyundai Venue was always a practical car, and it still is. You get loads and loads of storage spaces, but one thing has improved: whereas in the old car one cup holder space used to be taken up by an air purifier, now the air purifier is neatly integrated under the front armrest, which means you now get two cupholders up front 

Boot space remains unchanged. At 350 litres it is not the biggest in the segment. But the loading bay is deep which makes packing even large items easy. You also get 60:40 split folding rear seats for added practicality.

Has the drive experience changed? 

With the new Venue you get the same engine options, two petrol and one diesel. Transmission options too remain the same as before but Hyundai has made some upgrades to the DCT transmission and it shows as soon as you start driving. The gearbox now feels a lot smoother than the old one, especially in stop-go traffic, and the shifts feel quicker as well, which makes daily commutes a lot more polished. The engine also feels a little more refined than that in the old car, but otherwise the driving experience remains exactly the same. 


In terms of outright power the 1-litre turbo petrol won’t wow you, but it does effortlessly especially while cruising or if you want to execute a quick overtake. With the DCT gearbox you also get drive modes. These drive modes alter the way the gearbox behaves instead of changing engine maps. In our experience, all three drive modes are usable in most driving situations. In eco mode the gearbox holds on to a higher gear even when you go hard on the throttle, while in Normal or in Sport mode it becomes a lot more alert. 

How is the ride quality?

Suspension setup remains the same on the new Venue as a result ride comfort is very similar to the old car. You get the same ride which is neither too soft nor too stiff and overall it gives you a comfortable ride be it in the city or while driving on the highway. The suspension works silently which makes the Venue feel plush even over broken road surfaces. What could have improved however, is sound insulation. You get road, tyre and wind noise inside the Venue’s cabin. 


So is the venue fun to drive? 

It is the same as before? You get the same amount of power, the gearbox has improved, so yes; a bit of fun quotient has improved, but in terms of handling it is not exactly a sporty car. It does go through corners with confidence so yes, you can have a bit of fun with the Venue. 



In some regards we were expecting a bit more from the Venue facelift. We wish it had a bit more “wow” features. Besides, the overall driving experience remains identical to the old car especially when it comes to ride, handling or even sound insulation. All things considered,  just like before, the new Venue remains a safe choice in its segment.

On the other hand, the improvements that Hyundai has done in terms of features and especially the exterior design has made it a lot more desirable than the old car. Then there are its other strong points like easy-to-drive nature, strong engines, and the comfortable seating still makes it a better overall package. 


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