BMW S 1000 RR Gets A Moto-Terminator-like Makeover

The corner-carving scalpel has turned into a straight-line speedster

bmw phantom s1000rr custom 1

London-based product designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem is well-known for bringing out some of the most outrageously creative imaginations to life in visual form. One of his creations is the Phantom, a custom BMW S 1000 RR land-speed racer concept.

The precise corner carver has undergone a massive metamorphosis into a straight-line machine built to smash speed records. The extremely low-slung design is complemented by an equally aggressive seating posture. The rider triangle clearly shows this machine is meant only to ride for a few (hair-raising) minutes. But if you slap on a pair of miniguns on the sides, give it a gyroscope-enhanced self-balancing function and a high-speed collision-avoiding-enhanced processing chip, it’d look very much like the Moto-Terminator, don’t you think?

bmw phantom s1000rr custom 3

The fully-adjustable inverted front fork is replaced by a hub-steering. Sure, visually, the front wheel doesn’t seem capable of turning all that much. But that shouldn’t be a concern for a motorcycle designed to move over an extremely flat, obstacle-devoid surface extending to miles on end. The ‘M’ badging hints the engine might be an extremely tricked-out version of the already mental 999cc inline-four-cylinder motor from the BMW S 1000 RR that generates 207PS and 113Nm in stock form. Some nitrous-powered goodness should go a long way in pushing the sporty motor to its limits. Keeping things interesting at the rear are the angled slats on the boxy-looking fender covering the meaty rear wheel. Also Read: 2019 BMW S 1000 RR Review

Quite a lot of Erdem’s motorcycle concepts are inspired by land-speed racers. In 2017, he teamed up with Mark Atkinson, a US-based custom bike builder, and brought one of Erdem’s concepts to life -- a shark-inspired heavily modified BMW K75-based retro land-speed racer. Oh, and that one’s turbocharged too!

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