The Simple One’s Batteries Gets Better With A Little Help From IIT Indore

Simple Energy partners up with IIT Indore to develop a new composite material for the battery packs in its electric vehicles

By working with IIT Indore, Simple Energy has found a new composite material that will be used in the battery pack of its first electric scooter, the One. What’s special about this material?

If claims are to be believed, the battery packs will simply not catch fire. The material helps maintain thermal efficiency of the battery so that the e-scooter works perfectly even at the hottest temperatures. Plus, it is said to be safer, more durable and certainly a greater step towards electrification of Indian mobility.

Recently, we did get a glimpse of test mules of the Simple One as it enters the final stages of testing before production. There are some minor design and performance updates in store, which weren’t showcased at the time of the launch. Here’s more details on the scooter.

We hope to ride the Simple One early next year. And with more such e-scooters expected to arrive in 2022, the electric space is just bound to be, well, electrifying.

Simple Energy One Video Review

Simple Energy One
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