Made In India Liquid-cooled Motor Is Closer To Reality

First electric motorcycle expected to debut in Novemeber 2022

[UPDATE: Matter Energy has unveiled India's first electric bike with liquid-cooled motor and battery. You can read more about the e-bike here.]
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Ahmedabad-based EV startup Matter Energy hosted its first TechDay and announced that its first electric motorcycle will make its public debut in November 2022. The company also announced its two products: Matter Drive 1.0 motor and a Dual Mode converter’s patents have been approved.

The Matter Drive 1.0 is a radial flux motor that is claimed to be lightweight and has optimum torque delivery. Thanks to its liquid-cooling system, different components can be cooled simultaneously which should not just aid performance, but also make it safer and more efficient. 

Matter’s Charge 1.0 allows electric vehicles to be charged using any single-phase or three-phase AC power source using lesser components. Because of this Matter could possibly increase the battery density and efficiency while keeping production costs low. 

Matter is also in the process of securing more patents for its drivetrain, power pack, charger, controls, and other related technologies. Stay tuned for more coverage in the coming days on possibly India’s first liquid-cooled electric motorcycle.

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