EXCLUSIVE: Here’s What Matter’s Electric Motorcycle Could Be Called

  • Nov 23, 2022
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The company has filed as many as nine trademarks in the past few months

Gujarat-based bikemaker Matter unveiled India’s first electric motorcycle with liquid-cooling and a four-speed manual gearbox, but chose to keep its name a mystery. Our curiosity led us to the trademarks that the company has filed recently, and there are nine of them!

The trademarks have been filed for ‘Air’, ‘Earth’, ‘Space’, ‘Water’, ‘Light’, ‘Fire’, ‘Ether’, ‘Sound’ and ‘Thunder’. All of these were filed on August 5, 2022 and have been ‘accepted and advertised’, meaning the government authority has accepted and listed them in the trademark journal. Do note that these trademarks are listed for a wide variety of products and components.

Given that the Matter electric bike gets liquid-cooling, the most logical choice seems to be ‘Water’. But the whole ‘Matter Water Electric Bike’ just doesn’t sound cool.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait till January 2023, when the company is expected to formally announce the details of the product. Meanwhile, you can check out the image gallery of the Matter electric bike.

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