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Korean giant Hyundai is the second largest carmaker in India and the largest exporter of cars from the country. It currently exports to around 88 countries across Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Australia and Asia Pacific. To support its growth and expansion plans, Hyundai currently has 493 dealers and more than 1,309 service points across India. It has also set up a multi-million dollar global R&D facility in Hyderabad. In the latest news, Hyundai recently teased its upcoming sub-four metre SUV codenamed the QXi, which could launch in India by May 2019.

Hyundai Car Price

Hyundai cars price starts at Rs. 4.30 lakh for the cheapest car Santro and goes up to Rs. 26.97 lakh for the top model Hyundai Tucson. Hyundai offers 12 new car models in India. Venue (Rs. 6.50 lakh), Elite i20 (Rs. 5.53 lakh) and Creta (Rs. 10.00 lakh) are among the popular cars from Hyundai. In the year 2019/2020, Hyundai is going to launch 9 new models in India. Select a Hyundai car to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

Hyundai Car Models in India

*Prices shown for Delhi
  • 4.3
    Hyundai Venue
    Rs. 6.50 lakh Onwards
    • 1396 cc
    • 23.7 kmpl
    • Petrol/Diesel
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  • 4.2
    Hyundai Elite i20
    Rs. 5.53 lakh Onwards
    • 1197 cc
    • 18.6 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.3
    Hyundai Creta
    Rs. 10.00 lakh Onwards
    • 1396 cc
    • 22.1 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.3
    Hyundai Verna
    Rs. 8.18 lakh Onwards
    • 1582 cc
    • 22 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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  • 3.8
    Hyundai Santro
    Rs. 4.30 lakh Onwards
    • 1086 cc
    • 20.3 kmpl
    • Petrol/CNG
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  • 4
    Hyundai Grand i10
    Rs. 5.83 lakh Onwards
    • 1197 cc
    • 18.9 kmpl
    • CNG/Petrol
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  • 3.9
    Hyundai Grand i10 Nios
    Rs. 5.00 lakh Onwards
    • 1197 cc
    • 20.7 kmpl
    • Petrol/Diesel
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  • 4.1
    Hyundai Kona Electric
    Rs. 23.72 lakh Onwards
    • Electric(Battery)
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  • 4.1
    Hyundai Xcent
    Rs. 5.81 lakh Onwards
    • 1186 cc
    • 25.4 kmpl
    • Petrol/Diesel
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  • 4.4
    Hyundai Elantra
    Rs. 15.89 lakh Onwards
    • 1999 cc
    • 14.59 kmpl
    • Petrol
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  • 4.2
    Hyundai i20 Active
    Rs. 7.74 lakh Onwards
    • 1197 cc
    • 17.19 kmpl
    • Petrol/Diesel
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  • 4.3
    Hyundai Tucson
    Rs. 18.77 lakh Onwards
    • 1995 cc
    • 18.42 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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Hyundai User Reviews

  • 4.3
    106 ratings

    The car is amazing in all aspect except one that its DCT transmission has got overheating issues when driven in extreme traffic conditions.Secondly there is no proper customer care support as they say that driving the car in extreme traffic conditions is considered as harsh driving and one must avoid it.I wonder how Hyundai can be so casual in addressing the customers concern.My advice would be stay away from DCT as this does not seem to be made for Indian traffic conditions

    Ravi 2 weeks ago
    Venue User Reviews
  • 4.2
    841 ratings

    Our first preference was to buy Ford figo but the varriant we wanted ford couldn't deliver so we choosed Elite i20 petrol and after 2 years I think it was best decision. We had a little less budget so we purchased the era varriant that is very rare and difficult to get. We bought it in 2017 november. I am driving the car for 2 years. Done about 9000 kilometers. The only one thing to sacrifice about it is the milage. I am a light footed driver. Always shift to 5 th gear in 60kmph and very ocassionally go over 100kmph. I get milage about 9-10 in town with ac and 13-15 in highway. But for its very good built quality and comfort I never mind for it. And one more thing I am talking about 2017 model. One of my friend bought 2018 model he is getting 11 in town and 16-17 in highway. For the people who prefers cars which give peace of mind while driving prefers a car which is very easy and efortless to drive i20 is one of the best 5 seaters under 10 lakhs for them. Talking about maintanance, Out of 3 service 2 service is the major oil change service which I had to pay the for consumables and for wheel balancing and allignment. In 1st year oil change service I paid 1950 including engine oil oil filter and wheel balancing. In 2nd year service I paid about 2850 including Engine oil, Oil filter, Air filter, Wheel Balancing and Wheel allignment. According to my idea its very reasonable. For my experience in 2 years If someone looking for a family car for driving 3-4 days in a week and 500-600 km in a month and go for long rides ocassionally then i20 is best hatchback for them. Backseat space is also great so 5 adults can seat in the car for long rides.

    Deepranjan 1 week ago
    i20 User Reviews
  • 4.3
    459 ratings

    I have purchased Creta Petrol Executive in Mar-19. When you will go through the creta catalog, you will see a lot of attractive features,but will you get those features ..no absolutely not. Hyundai has launched many variant of creta...each have some stand apart features but no version have got all those features. I have purchased petrol top model but it misses on many features such as, Cons of this top model: 1. No voice command- You cannot call anyone through voice command. You need to stop your vehicle to call someone from your contact list. You can only call recent dialed number through pressing a botton on steering twice . This is a big feature miss. No Hyundai have this features which is a common in s cross, Ford eco etc.2. No Auto link- Creta catalog have a dedicated page for auto link which will help monitor your vehicle health and driving pattern. But this is limited to Dual tone varient only. Creta Executive doesn"t have this feature. A big miss again.3. No child seat anchor points: This model doesn"t have this. Only automatic transmission features child seat mount. Again a big miss for creat ex.4. No 60:40 split seat: If your child wants to play inside car then this one is a great features. Even in case of three person and big luggage this feature helps. This is missing in Creta Executive.5. No Remote boot opener- it is not there though featured in it"s catalog.6. No voice recognition for GPS : A big miss again. You need connect to Android auto for voice recognition . This doesn"t work. System will always tell you " I couldn"t understand but I can learn". Disappointing.7. Low powered petrol version: don"t go by engine size . 1.6 litre petrol is fuel hungry but powerless specially when you climb an incline.8. No light in vanity mirror: My wife always tells me why it is not there when other low budget cars have this.9. No Auto retract rear view mirror: Rear view mirror doesn"t get retracted upon locking the vehicle this makes the ORVM damage prone. This feature is prevent in other cars like i20.10. Useless Mirror link: This is a feature for making Creta catalog attractive but this is useless. This comes on outdated phones which no one carry. Upon insisting, Hyundai sent a outdated phone model of 2017 which supports mirror link.11. No Tyre pressure monitoring system: This is a good safety feature specially for them who fail to recognize if their Tyre has low or no air. This can prevent a lot of accident upon Tyre air leak. Missing features in Creta.12. No 4 wheel drive: Though this is also not common in other cars.13. Hill hold not of any use: This feature is not of any use as I have experienced. I often run in hilly roads.It gives around 1 second hold when you leave brake at incline to press accelerator but I couldn"t able to use it.14. Need foot step to go inside car: For children and short height family members specially ladies. Foot step need to be fitted by dealer at extra cost and it is prone to get rubbed in walls due to projected portion. 15. Hard dashboard: it doesn"t have soft touch dashboard.Pros of this model:1. Sunroof : Entertaining for children if there is any among your family. 2. Ventilated seat: It can give a little bit of comfort during your long drive. Comes at a price of your home AC. 3. Rear View camera: Helps you park confidently.4. Premium leather seat: Looks and feel premium.5. Six air bags: It is fitted with.6. ESP: It has Electron stability program which might be working during sudden steer but not experienced so far.7. Good sound system: It features an arkamys sound system enabling you localized sound inside cabin.

    Rajiv 7 months ago
    Creta User Reviews
  • 4.3
    499 ratings

    Very well maintained insideout Single owner single hand car with 80% highway miles means no city braking, cluth and suspension usage. This is a top end variant with Push start button, key less entry, all disk brakes and alloy wheels, 6 airbags, leather upholstery & POLK 4 speaker music system with FOCAL amplifier fitted. More than anything else the car drives very well without any issues with excellent ride quality. Come check it out then take a call

    Rajesh 1 month ago
    Verna User Reviews
  • 3.8
    491 ratings

    I own a santro 1.1MT Era 2019 model. i decided not to go for a higher variant and customize the lower variant as per my needs. also i had a tight budget. I installed a sony touch screen system with reverse parking and apple car play compatibility. Also i installed fog lamps of the santro sports varient. as of now..i have clocked 10000+ kms in three months only. the car has a decent performance on highway and city as well on highway i have done a maximum of 133km/h approx. with minimal breaking and lesser clutch use and constant speeds...this is giving me a fuel efficiency of approx 24.5kmpl.. wich is more than expected. though this car is not as quick compared to its rivals such as celerio or swift... it is a very comfortable car and have an exellent amount of leg space of rear and front passenger as well...only thing i did not like about the car is the lack of power in lower gears. being a 4 cylinder car i expected more power at lower rpm"s. overall i am very happy with it.

    Hemendra 4 months ago
    Santro User Reviews
  • 4.0
    782 ratings
    Grand i10

    Own 2014 Asta Petrol. Gives me 18kmpl in the city and on long highway drives goes upto 24kmpl. For a family of 3. A good comfortable car with enough space for luggage. Driving is easy in the city with the dimensions. Parking and turning in tight spaces is a breeze. Engine response is good enough and gives you the small boost needed for fast overtakes. Seems confident enough on the highways at fast speeds but I don"t push it more than the 100km mark. Hyundai"s design language is one of my favorites before Honda"s. And the Asta version is feature packed.

    Jonathan 1 month ago
    Grand i10 User Reviews
  • 3.9
    27 ratings
    Grand i10 nios

    it"s the bestest car ever all safety comfort and superb

    Nazma 2 months ago
    Grand i10 nios User Reviews
  • 4.1
    10 ratings


    Singh 2 months ago
    Kona User Reviews
  • 4.1
    241 ratings

    xcent is a overall good.. but Hyundai company have some hiden problem that sometime engine given very poor performance like after 50-90 km driver car given starting vibration..engine power feel like 150 CC bike....but Hyundai never accept this problem therefore after my this Xcent car I will given Hyundai good bye...👋 because this is a cheater company....stupit and we need kick out hyundai..we know Hyundai will never overtake Suzuki....Suzuki build quality is poor but engine performance is delightful..sorry Hyundai you are a cheater

    Nurul 1 week ago
    Xcent User Reviews
  • 4.2
    241 ratings
    i20 Active

    I own 2015 diesel i20 active drove 122000 as on date, if you need an hatchback with super good suspension, ground clearance and smooth engine just go for it ! Pros1)Suspension and ground clearance is super good, it has got 190mm ground clearance you can easily glide over bad and patchy roads even on tall big speed breakers with ease. 2)Comfort, it is freeking awesome 3)Good seats for long journey trust me I"m a daily highway commuter 70% of km of my car is on highway 4)Mileage on highway 18-19kmpl, city 16-17 kmpl5)Ac cools fast, it also got air vents at the back6)Good instrument cluster7)Powerful and super smooth engine 8)Lite clutch9)Wide tyres with R16 alloys Cons1)Lifeless steering, it is so lite that you can even move with your pinky finger2)Spongy brakes the abs kicks in lately3)Wipers aren"t big enough for such a big windscreen4)bumper and other fiber parts used for exterior body are not of a good quality

    Lohith 5 months ago
    i20 Active User Reviews
  • 4.3
    18 ratings

    As i belong to a northeast state mizoram,where the roads are in very very bad condition,so i needed something strong in the engine and a good ground clearance, and the most important of all showroom and servicing centre, i really wanted to have a jeep compass but we dont have a showroom nearby, the nearest is guwahati which is more than 400 kms with the worst damaged roads from my place to the servicing centre,but i wanted an SUV which has a servicing center near by me, so in SUV our state has Hyundai, Ford, Nissan,Renault n Mahindra,so i decided to do a survey and found that Tucson is the best choice for me, there is ford endeavour but the price and the height due to which its very difficult to see whats infront of me, Duster, mahindra are very common in our state, so i thought whh dont i try Hyundai Tucson by Hyundai, but the Hyundai showroom did not have a Tucson for trial, as the price was a ove 20 lakhs so they told me that they will have to book, as even guwahati didnt have stock, so Hyundai placed an order from the Hyundai plantwhich took 5 months to reach my place, and when it reached ,Hyundai released a statement that i was the first one in north east (7 states) to have a Tucson, and it made a good impact on my social network.Now let me come to the experience, its really a perfect SUV ,ground clearance is good and the engine, its a blast good pick up, the modes are very useful and the looks i dont think anyother SUV can be compared to the awesome looks of Tucson, its like everything is perfect.Interior is one of the best designs in this segment with one of the best music system and semi woofers , so smooth that you cant even know the engine is on or off and can climb or cross rivers and run on the worst roadswithout any problem.its the best SUV in its segment

    5 months ago
    Tucson User Reviews

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