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Honda BRV On Road Price in Angul

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BRV i-VTEC E MT (Petrol) Rs. 10,57,733 Rs. 9,63,400 Rs. 59,007.00 Rs. 35,326
BRV i-VTEC S MT (Petrol) Rs. 11,48,291 Rs. 9,99,900 Rs. 99,990.00 Rs. 48,401
BRV i-VTEC V MT (Petrol) Rs. 12,90,324 Rs. 11,79,400 Rs. 70,887.00 Rs. 40,037
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Honda BRV Price in Angul

Honda BRV price in Angul starts from Rs. 9.63 lakh (Ex-showroom) on 22nd January 2020. Check on road price (Ex-showroom + RTO + Insurance) of all BRV variants in Angul. Honda BRV Automatic is starting at Rs. 12.95 lakh (Ex-showroom) whereas Honda BRV Diesel starts from Rs. 11.97 lakh (Ex-showroom). Honda BRV's top competitors are Maruti XL6 (price starting at Rs. 9.80 lakh in Angul) and Mahindra Marazzo (price starting at Rs. 9.99 lakh in Angul).

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Honda BRV
Honda BRV Rs. 9.63 lakh

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying BRV

Q. I have a budget of 14 lakh and family of 2 adults with 2 kids less then 10 years age. I shortlisted BRV and Creta but then i found disadvantages of both. So now trying to move to Sedan segment. We are heavy build family of 4 ( Healthy punjabis type height and body of avg 90 kgs and 6 feet ). I am only looking for automatic and 70% city drive and 30% high way drive. BRV CVT - Not selling like hot cake - Less premium more practical, extremely spacious. Side profile looks like mobilio and a little stretched from side but 7 seater I will get every feature if i spend 15 lakhs including touch screen and parking sensors seat covers and additional accessories . Nothings special inside the car though. Creta - Loaded with features - Automatic costing 16 lakh which is high - Petrol average is less then 10 in city & high on maintenance. Honda city - Low on average around 11 -12 in city & costing around 14 lakhs for CVT. Verna - Low in average for AT costing around 13 lakh. Ciaz - I heard that low ground clearance means lower body can touch the ground on bumps during fully loaded? Good on fuel efficiency and maintenance as well as features. But AT has 4 speed transmission. As I drive around 35 km daily mostly from home to office and office to home. Also length , width and turning radius is same so nothing to do with big car and small car. My gut says BRV but people says it will get discontinued due to poor sales like mobilio and you may not get good service, parts availability or no resale value as well. Hardly 500 cars gets sold every month across India. So looking at all this now I am kind of confused that should i go for Verna / Ciaz which are most selling? Where should I put my finger on based on my requirements. Marazzo and Ertiga are discarded and also cars like S-Cross / ford ecosports / breeza / wrv / amaze may be too small for us specially second row only two+ child can fit.
  • Brv is a narrow car but creta isnt as comfortable as brv because of its position of pillars so both can only seat 3 comfortably and brv has a better handling than creta better performance and even if it gets discontinued you won't have problems with the parts because they all share the same parts and brv petrol does 0-100 in 10.3 seconds and creta petrol in 11.5 and brv automatic does in 11.2 seconds creta automatic does in 12 seconds and brv does have less features but if you spend extra money you would have enough features and would still costs less than creta, I own a petrol manual brv and I have averaged 16.5 kml on highway l while averaging 100kmh while creta did 10 in city andand 12 on highway, I am 6 ft 2inc and I get plenty of headroom and legroom is like plenty of and even you need more you can recline the second row seats and move the seats backwards for more legroom and you can sleep while being driven ride is so stable even at 150+ and comfortable enough at decent speed, but if you want creta go for Verna instead better option similar engine little less Honda city is a good car but only for performance enthusiasts qualify in brv is yes bad compared to creta but more than decent to live with, i might sound like Honda salesman but this car really impressed me a lot more than creta, vreta isn't a bad car but when you compare it with brv, they both are In. Different league, have done 1800 km from hyd to ooty in just one day with 8 passengers with my cousins and still averaged 15.9 kml and never it felt underpowered even though it was loaded was averaging 120+ without any fuss. And even brv cvt gets a paddle shifters, any ways it's upto you I have had both this cars creta and brv but creta was always a small car for me because it wasn't enough spacious for me and my family and diesel engine was good but the steering and handling was so bad I never crossed 120km in creta, brv's stability inspires so much confidence to drive and take aggressive corners though I don't recommend it but the petrol engine is so much fun and cvt might dissapoint you because cvt doesn't do the justice to the 1. 5 litre vtec engine but it's the best in the segment automatic better tha than jerky AMT of creta , brv cvt is smooth and you do have paddle shifters but if Suvs are too big for you Tata nexon and ford ecosport both are best options you can't go wrong with either of them and city ciaz and Verna I would say Verna, but for more mileage and ease of service ciaz 2018 facelift hybrid is also a good option. : By Israr | 1 year ago
  • No I haven't noticed any rattling noise with the half windows down or full and I can assure you that because I have done partial off roading in that car and no rattling noise and it's not made of cheap material even though it's not as premium or rich like creta or city but I have driven Renault duster and captur and I can assure you both have worst materials than brv, if I say only worst point of the car is the lack of premiumness but it's a pretty capable car : By Israr | 1 year ago
  • Definitely brv lacks premiumness even compared to city but if your really looking for premiumness and comfort instead of practicality I would suggest Hyundai Verna which is more premium and more comfortable city has the. Most comfortable seats but ride is stiff in city whereas Verna is comfortable, but if your looking for big cars and do plan on going for family trips then brv is a best choice yes lacks premiumness but is more capable than creta. : By Israr | 1 year ago
Q. I am planning to buy a 7 zeater car for long term, atleast 7 to 8 years. Can you please suggest a better choice between Honda BRV and Maruti Ertiga considering the following points:-1. Best automatic between the two.2. Better fuel efficiency 3. Better features like rear parking camera, touch screen, better seats in all rows. 4. Long term reliability and resale value. 5. Low maintenance. 6. Service cost.7. Better handling if 85% usage is in city and 15% on highways. 8. Best suited for bumper to bumper traffic driving.
  • The best pick among the two is Maruti Ertiga. The Ertiga nails down to the ample space, comfortable ride quality, adequate boot space, acceptable efficiency, and service support like no other. Maruti Suzuki has introduced the 1.5-litre DDiS 225 diesel engine for the Ertiga. The engine makes 95PS of power at 4,000rpm and 225Nm of peak torque between 150****500rpm. Maruti is also claiming an efficiency figure of 24.20 kmpl for the new DDiS 225 engine. The engine is also coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission. Maruti Suzuki has improved upon the suspension of the older Ertiga. It confidently tackles craters and bad roads and lets very little filter into the cabin. The suspension settles back quickly once you’re done negotiating the bad bits. It’s this characteristic that makes the Ertiga feel more composed than before on the highway. Even at slow city speeds too, there are no complaints. Moreover to clear all your doubts would request you to take the test drive for both the cars.​Click on the following link to have a detailed comparison for both the cars. https://www.zigwheels.com/compare-cars/honda-brv-vs-maruti-suzuki-ertiga : By Zigwheels | 7 months ago
  • Well i would suggest new ertiga with 1.5 litre diesel but i have seen some requirements of yours that iy should have better handling, good automatic gearbox and for occasional highways usage so well brv 1.5-litre petrol with cvt gearbox is great handler for an Suv rides beautifully, mileage os decent of petrol engine that powerfull 16kml ive got more in manual but yeah and cvt gearbox gets steering paddle shifter so that's an added bonus but still overall ertiga is pretty good offering from Suzuki and between this two ertiga makes more sense because its cheaper and has more features : By Israr | 6 months ago
  • In view of the ten year permit for Diesel personal cars already in force in Delhi, and the same rule likely to get adopted in other major metros also, i feel Petrol variant is better choice. : By Narayanan | 4 months ago
Q. Got a BRV cvt petrol. Mileage stuck to 9.4. Disheartening. Have driven 650 Km only. Wondering if its normal for a new BRV. How much increase in mileage can I expect after the first service. And how much after first oil change.
  • Its certain mileage would increase after first service buy those 650 km were they mostly done in city then it's completely fine and honda claims 16 kml on highway and 13 to14 in the city, i own a petrol manual brv and in city i average over 12. 4 and on highway i average nearly 15.6 and sometimes on outer ring road i have averaged over 17.2 while maintaining the top speed of 130kmh for atleast 160km, that 1.5 vtev motor so brilliant that if driven smartly it would give mileage number similar to its diesel rivals, and when driven enthusiastically it will deliver you tremendously awesome acceleration : By Israr | 12 months ago
  • The fact is that automatics deliver lower mileage compared to manuals irrespective of the technology (CVT AMT Transaction Conv) etc. As mentioned by Gururaj try and keep the RPM at 2k or below and the mileage should improve. There won't be a big change though. I get about 11 in the City and on highways is usually keep at 110 to 120 kmph and so far the best highway mileage has been 15. Fuel station also makes a difference. Here in Bangalore, I get better fuel efficiency of filled at HP stations compared to any other including Shell. Hope this helps : By Utham | 12 months ago
  • Were you driving only in the city on really busy roads. still you should get 11 plus mileage. try to keep your cars acceleration or torque within 1.5 to 2k rpm. you will definitely see a positive difference. BRV is not the one which likes driver ramming on the accelerator. the response is not great in that case. try paddle shifting even in drive mode to better handle the gear ratios, though I must say they work well in S mode.I hv got a min of 10.8 in city and max of 16 on highways .. long stretches. Let me know your opinion. : By Gururaj | 12 months ago
Q. I am buying BRV V Diesel. Is it good to drive in city and occasionally on highway? How response is the engine in city drive? What is maintenance cost of Honda Diesel?
  • Well, diesel engine is okay it has good amount of lag before 2000 rpm then it does smootens up I don't know if you would prefer that in the city conditions diesel is okay on highway way for, but petrol brv is phenomenal it handles good it has really impressive acceleration and stability is good too petrol manual is a good option for fun to drive drivers, but if you just need for city driving I would recommend buy a cvt petrol brv add a touchscreen optional from the Honda dealership itself it is really smooth responsive and on highway to extract a little more you do have paddle shifters so automatic brv if your 60% on the city roads will be convenient and the mileage is good too I have done 17.7 kml on highway in my petrol manual so petrol automatic will definitely be better in terms of mileage I don't think you would appreciate the diesel engine I might also think you might regret the diesel engine so please test drive all the three options before buying and if not brv then you do have creta and nexon as well in terms of features they are far ahead of brv but brv offers features handling acceleration stability and practicality as well : By Israr | 1 year ago
  • BRV is good for highways but not for city. The suspension is a bit stiff which is very good for highway and sticks to the road. I only do highway trips on my BRV. The windnoise is also there after 80Kmph but managable with sound system. Maintainance is depending upon use. I have clocked 55K kms in two years with ontime service. Every 10K kms service costed me 7-9K Rs. Two times Brake pads changed (Brake pads seems poor quality from honda but the brakes are very powerful and also depends on the driving style). At 50k kms the front suspension gave up and got replaced in warranty. Also the clutchplate gone at 50k kms costed me 9K Rs. My Drive's were about 2-3k kms everymonth and roads conditions were bad on rural areas. If you drive on good roads and carefully unlike me ( I drive the car pretty fast on bad roads too). The it will do well. I will say go for it for comfort, petrol like power delivery linear and smooth and decent handling. : By Pranay | 1 year ago
  • I have read some one say petrol brv lacks punch on highway but that's definitely not true because either they don't know what's a vtec engine and how it drives because vtec engine has the top end and lower end the mid range is okay, the Torque comes over 4500 rpm there's where the magic of 1.5 vtec lies I I have done 140+ ssh and it keep accelerating and accelerating to certain speed it does die off but yes to get that high Torque you have to downshift a bit but that's why that vtec engine is for fun loving people not someone who loves relaxed driving for them engines like 1.6 diesel from Hyundai are good , and every reviewer said that brv petrol shines on highway because of its engine and good Highspeed stability, : By Israr | 1 year ago
Q. I have plan to buy seven seater car in 12 lakh budget. Which one is better Honda BRV or Ertiga,( economically, laxurious, comfortability)
  • There is no reason for Ertiga to be compared with Honda BR-V. Honda BR-V scores much higher than Ertiga on all aspects like safety, comfort, space, fuel efficiency and reliability. I have driven Ertiga for 10 days at length in Kerala and have been owning a BR-V for past three years and my experience remains extremely positive for BR-V.BR-V offers great space (you can keep two medium baggage strollers along with a couple of bags even with their row seats open. The seating is quite comfortable, and roof mounted rear AC helps in cooling off the rear passengers easily. There is no body roll (like a high roof SUV e.g. Scorpio, Fortuner etc) on highways or hill roads and comfort matches any midsize sedan like City, Verna or Vento. Fuel efficiency for Diesel (one I'm having) is very satisfactory with 16-18 kmpl in city and 20+ on highway. : By Saurabh | 5 months ago
  • For your budget you can't afford brv's top trim which have more features but under 12 lacs you might get a perfect variant in ertiga and ertiga is comfortable, economical and looks good as well and has more space than brv only thing brv has better than ertiga is the engines other than that ertiga is a better family car : By Israr | 5 months ago
  • I have to agree with Mr saurabh he is absolutely right and if you want more performance you can opt for 1.5 vtec petrol engine which is marvelous : By Israr | 5 months ago
Q. Which SUV/MUV is better for family with in a budget of 12 lakhs - BRV?
  • There are many in the market now, Ertiga, BRV, Datsun Go Plus, Marrazo in MPV Segment, Sub 4 Meters Brezza, Ecosport, Nexon, XUV300 all are good in its own way. Depends on your requirements : By Utham | 4 months ago
  • BRV is a good family car. : By Dilip | 1 month ago
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Honda BRV Price in India

Delhi: Rs.9.53 lakh
Mumbai: Rs.9.68 lakh
Bangalore: Rs.9.54 lakh
Hyderabad: Rs.9.59 lakh
Chennai: Rs.9.60 lakh
Kolkata: Rs.9.63 lakh
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