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Honda is one of the most popular Japanese car companies in India. Honda cars in India are renowned for their well engineered cars which are quite fuel-efficient and have low maintenance costs. The smart Honda car designs are aerodynamic and pay emphasis to function over formHonda Cars India was established in December 1995. Currently, the Honda car models available in India range from SUV such as the Honda CR-V; to sedans like the Honda Amaze and the popular Honda City. Due to the strong brand appeal, Honda car prices command a slight premium over its competition.

Honda Car Price

Honda cars price starts at Rs. 5.93 lakh for the cheapest car Amaze and goes up to Rs. 43.21 lakh for the top model Honda Accord. Honda offers 8 new car models in India. Amaze (Rs. 5.93 lakh), City (Rs. 9.91 lakh) and Civic (Rs. 17.94 lakh) are among the popular cars from Honda. In the year 2020/2021, Honda is going to launch 5 new models in India. Select a Honda car to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

Honda Cars in India

*Prices shown for Delhi
  • 3.8
    Honda Amaze
    Rs. 5.93 lakh onwards
    1498 cc  27.4 kmpl  Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.3
    Honda City
    Rs. 9.91 lakh onwards
    1497 cc  17.4 kmpl  Petrol/Diesel
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  • 4.4
    Honda Civic
    Rs. 17.94 lakh onwards
    1799 cc  16.5 kmpl  Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.2
    Honda WRV
    Rs. 8.08 lakh onwards
    1199 cc  17.5 kmpl  Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4
    Honda BRV
    Rs. 9.53 lakh onwards
    1497 cc  15.4 kmpl  Petrol/Diesel
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  • 4
    Honda CR-V
    Rs. 28.27 lakh onwards
    1597 cc  18.3 kmpl  Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.1
    Honda Jazz
    Rs. 7.45 lakh onwards
    1199 cc  18.2 kmpl  Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.1
    Honda Accord
    Rs. 43.21 lakh onwards
    1993 cc  23.1 kmpl  Petrol
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Recently Asked User Questions about Honda

Q. What is the discount on Honda BRV?
  • Offers and discounts are provided by the brand and it may also vary according to the city, brand, and model. Click on the link to check the current month offers (if any): Offers There are scenarios wherein dealers also give attractive deals to their customers. Click on the link to check dealership details: Car Showrooms
Q. What is the on road price of Honda Jazz 2020 automatic?
  • Honda Jazz 2020 is still in the queue to be launched so it would be too early to give any verdict as it is not launched yet. So, we would request you to wait for its launch.
Q. Is the 2020 Honda City bringing that all LED headlights like the City RS in India?
  • As of now, the brand hasn't revealed the complete details. So we would suggest you wait for its launch and stay tuned for further updates.
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Honda User Reviews

  • Amaze
    562 ratings

    Amaze can"t overcome hills.Low power is main issue I found and it"s only in petrol version.I am also one of the happy customer of Honda until driving a hill or ascent.Amaze can"t overcome ascents.Its the only issue i found since driving 3000km,which is not an acceptable issue.When i contacted Honda they said its handed over to dealer,but the dealer informed Honda that they didn"t find any abnormality in my car which they accepted that Amaze has power issue and its for maintaining mileage once i was there at showroom.And when i asked dealer about their reply to Honda they said its made like that they can"t tell this to Honda,if we want to ride hills we must choose another vehicle and they can"t fit same Honda engine on both boat and car(just imagine my situation hearing this kind of reply from dealers).Really pathetic situation. So, dear brothers and sisters please don"t buy amaze petrol.If you like Amaze go for diesel.All other features in amaze are good.I choose petrol because i am not aware of this power issue and now suffering for my choice.My bad i have test driven Amaze but not on an ascents. When you people ask sales person about this power issue they will reply there is nothing like that,better have a test drive with the same sales person on a hill or ascent and ask him to stop car in middle and then move, you can experience what i was saying about.

    Amal 11 months ago
    Amaze User Reviews
  • City
    957 ratings

    Aug2, 2019I had purchased a Honda city/Grace in India Nov 2018. Now the car has been completed 17500 KMS.It’s happened last night while driving. I was on red light after a trip of approx. 100 kms in the same date. I stopped the engine on red light for save the fuel. The red light changed into green and I pushed the start button with clutch, however the car wasn’t start. The battery was giving the power and the motor was rotating but the engine wasn’t start. I tried it several time, but the engine didn’t start.The cops were come to me and help me to bring the car on a service lane. Then I called to service center of Honda locally. He replied, now the time is 7:30 PM (IST - India) and the service center has been closed, however you can bring your car at service center and will help you in morning, I said its ok. I asked again him, what should I do in this situation? He said please call a local mechanic, he may check the normal faults. There may be some fusing or some other small problem. During searching of local mechanic, I tried to lock the car by automatic key, but the sensors weren’t working.Then I call a local mechanic, he check it. He told, the fuel motor isn’t injecting the fuel into the engine. He requested me please put some fuel, may be the fuel tank is showing the fuel, and didn’t have.I put the fuel of Rs 500/- in Indian rupees approx. 6-7 letter petrol. But the problem was the same. Then he told there is major problem, please call to service center or I can also fix it but I take it to my service center. I refused it and give him his service fee.Then I was waiting the Crane, It will tow the car to Honda service center.After an hour, While waiting I pressed the key lock button, but the car wasn’t locking. However I was still trying the Key and pressing the button, after 5-6 try suddenly the sensors start working, I thought may be the car start. Then I sit on driving seat and press the button with clutch. The Car started, then I drove it and brought to home.it was too shameful for me, i had invested that much amount and a new car stopped on road.The problem was in fuel inject motor. this is a associated problem in all honda city car (new or old) and also in AMAZE too (confirmed by service dealer)

    Sushil 1 month ago
    City User Reviews
  • Civic
    87 ratings

    Love my Civic 1.8 iVtec The car is 12years old by 2019 and still feels like day 1 The engine has just done over 102000 KMs and the performance is just still surprising and exciting till date Has Loads of space in the cabin and The beige coloured Seats and upholstery gives a special airy feel The steering is slightly on the Heavier side feels like a task when pulling through tight gaps and small roads The headlights have an amazing spread but the intensity of the lights are just on the dimmer side which doesn"t feel so good and confident on the highway during night times so it"s better to go with After market LED bulbs just like I did and the experience afterwards is just blisteringly awesome City Fuel economy is around 11 kmpl which is quite impressive for the size of the engine and the power it offers highway fuel economy is around 14kmpl(110 cruising speed with boosts up to 150km occasionally) and can be pushed to 18 with Economic and conservative driving.Regular services do not cost much but tinkering works and any other mechanical parts replacement are gonna piss you off so be careful around Tight spaces and your driving style The ground clearance is not much of a con it only becomes a problem if you have 4 or 5 adults onboard and crossing speed breakers The car has an aerodynamic shape and which reduces Wind Drag and improves ride quality Fuel economy and performancePersonal Top speed of the car is close to 210 while company claimed and other sources say it can reach 225kmh The car has an incredibly low height which makes it mission impossible for elderly people to get in and get out The 6 speaker (4 speakers + 2 Tweeters) Honda audio provides a blissful experience with Aux connectivity The boot is adequately sized at 430L which I personally find as more than adequate (segment lower cars have larger capacity boots)With 50L of fuel tank capacity (5 reserve)Long trips can be accomplished without fuel stops

    JNithish 4 months ago
    Civic User Reviews
  • WRV
    176 ratings

    I from Pune and owner of WRV Petrol SMT Model,Whereas I totally disappointed by WRV Pertrol performance and its Pick up issue Specially in Slope/Ghat section, In traffic situation ..I repeatedly check with my dealer on same from First Month of Purchase to Till Date (Since more than half year)..but still they does not provide any solution and now it fustrating situation for me. Previously I owned the Honda Brio and based on its performance I like honda to consider to go for WRV model also I have shared my requirement at the time of purschasing with Sales Team as well including Safety Feature and Performance ..Whereas they recommanded me WRV Petrol engine But now It seems they have cheated me as my requirements are not getting fulfiil.Now It is life threatening experience with WRV Petrol issue due to its Pick and Performance issue .. Now I faced horrible issue with WRV Petrol car performance ..My car is not moving forward on slope, it get rolled back where as having heavy traffic on road.. it almost hit back vehicles ..This happens multiple time ..Also when I check with dealer I came to know that they are already aware about this issue and the got answer that they do not have any option to resolve this as all engine are calibrated digitally/ It as per designed. In each visit I got answer from Deccan Honda representative that after servicing It will work better but Its not true I am still facing same issue.I have invested my hard earn money to buy this vechicle for Family. Whereas It look like Honda/Dealer dosent care about customer and their issue and playing with other lives.Now It almost a year that I am following up with them for same issue and still not get proper resolution .. Now I feel that Dealer need to take this vehicle back or solve my issue and its their resposiblility that they have delayed on provinding solution.

    Sachin 1 year ago
    WRV User Reviews
  • BRV
    96 ratings

    Me and my family has enjoyed every bit of a second in a brv it's so easy to drive in city traffics, on highway it pulls and have more than adequate performance for car that big I have seen 0-100 kmh in 10.11 seconds on my car which is petrol vtec engine, got a touchscreen optional from the dealer and it works fine,1on long journeys about 1200 km or more were never a trouble for our family of 8, and car does keeps pulling and to its top speed and you won"t even feel your pushing the car it so refined, and when we don"t push the car to hard and doesn"t hit the vtec we got 16.5 kml and sometimes 16.9 kml on a manual transmission that is more than what Honda has stated

    Israr 1 year ago
    BRV User Reviews
  • CR-V
    43 ratings
    CR-V 2018

    I am riding a 2wd 2019 CRV petrol. Its just perfect, fun to drive, obviously cvt takes a little fun out of the 2l engine but u can feel the punch when driving in sports mode. Its one of the best drivers car in indian market, so if u dont want to compromise on drive quality and safety u can go for it. Its US"s no 1 mid suv and 5 star safety rated car. Interiors are best in class. You have to sit in the cabin and just drive. Its feels light like a car with a turning radius of 5.5 mtrs. I am getting a mileage of 10-11kmpl in city. That sums it up.

    Vivek 4 months ago
    CR-V 2018 User Reviews
  • Jazz
    165 ratings

    I have the automatic and it's for my daughter. It's a well engineered petrol vehicle, the automatic is fine but not peppy enough. If you are looking to overtake at high double digits on a highway, you really have to rev it up. What's disappointing is the lack of nice features that are engineered in but not made functional. It has a provision for keyless but not enabled. Of the two sets of keys - one has remote door opening the other is a standard insert and turn. The turn indicators are little cheap, plastic inserts on sides though the rear view mirrors have a notch for the same. The cabin is drab and unimaginative. Anyone with an i20 experience will feel the difference. For its price it is highly underscored. Drive is fine though torque build up is poor. True to Honda petrol, the car has never given me any issues at all over the last 4.5 years. It has decent enough storage (400L + I think) and good for long drives. Overall solid, functional but completely unimaginative and low featured.

    Prodeep 6 months ago
    Jazz User Reviews
  • Accord
    59 ratings


    Yashwanth 1 month ago
    Accord User Reviews

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