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Founded in 1913, Aston Martin is one of the leading luxury sportscar manufacturers across the globe. Staying true to its values since its inception, Aston Martin has created some of the world’s most iconic cars, such as the DB5 which was used in the James Bond movie Goldfinger. The British luxury sportscar maker also has its roots in various forms of racing ventures including Formula1 and 24 Hours of Le Mans. Aston Martin cars are for those who appreciate its rich historical background, have a taste for fantastic design and, at the same time, have that hunger for manic power.

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Aston Martin User Reviews

  • DB11
    12 reviews & ratings

    It's been great - a real head turner.

    Tony 1 year ago
    DB11 User Reviews
  • DB11
    12 reviews & ratings

    Awesome, Good and well very stylish but it has less mileage and power compared to ferrari.

    Surendar 1 year ago
    DB11 User Reviews

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Which is the cheapest Aston Martin car in India?

The cheapest Aston Martin car in India is DB11, which is priced at Rs. 3.97 Crore.

What is the price range of Aston Martin cars?

Aston Martin cars in India comes in the price range of Rs. 3.97 Crore to Rs. 3.97 Crore.

Is the diesel model available in Aston Martin cars?

No, Aston Martin does not offer diesel models in India

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