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Discontinued Model since 21 Apr 2020

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Hero MotoCorp also announced that the new GST tax has reduced prices for its two-wheelers ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 1,800 for its mass market two-wheelers depending on the state of purchase and model.

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Q. Whether Hero Pleasure model is discontinued?
  • Hero Pleasure is discontinued from the brands end and now Hero Pleasure Plus is available for sale.
Q. My weight 56 kgs and height 5.1 feet. Which model is best for me for driving with kid - Pleasure?
  • Hero pleasure is a capable scooter, especially for women. and with a seat height of 760mm, it would be comfortable enough for you. Now with additional features and upgrading styling is more appealing than before. it comes with two variants i.e. Pleasure Drum Self and Cast and Pleasure Self Drum Alloy. Apart from alloy wheels, there is no difference in both variants. So, you may pick any variant as per your likings. Do take a test ride before the final call. Check out details.
Q. Are you sure Scooty is best for women - Pleasure?
  • Yes. Scooty pept or zest. But if the girl's height nearly 5 ft, then my suggestion is to go for new pleasure, because it's really nice from each angle is considered. Thanks.
  • Comfort level can be decided by users height, weight, distance to travel daily and surely budget also counts.
  • More than sure.
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Q. Which is best among pleasure and activa 5g
  • Best is to go with N-torq in the similar price range. My family is loyal to Honda so we have Grazia, Activa, Aviator. Now, i use these 2 vehicles on regular basis - Duke 390 and N-torq. SR150 which my brother uses. To be honest... I think SR150 is best but it is highly overpriced... Now lets come to the price section where activa belongs... So, after riding its all siblings... The best one is N-torq which is a TVS brand. I was a Honda loyal customer just like my family but N-torq is way better in every aspect so i had to move to N-torq. I would advice you the same to go with N-torq. It is the best choice. Take test ride of all the three vehicles then decide..
  • Pleasure for agile handling and easy to move in traffic and ACTIVA for road presence and good space..... Activa is bit bulkier than pleasure and handle is a bit wider.
  • Given all parameters being equal the Pleasure scores more on the price means Pleasure is cheaper tha Activa 5G.It is my firm belief that Honda is charging Premium to compensate for the Brand value they are paying to Parent company.
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Q. Which is best scooty for women height below 5 feet. - Pleasure?
  • Scooty pep and Hero pleasure both scooter is best for below 5 feet women And also best in mileage as well as pickup and speed.. And Hero pleasure is very low mantainence according to me i am using hero pleasure from last 7 years...
  • Pleasure 😊 2019 model
  • Both Scooty Pep Plus as well as Hero Pleasure are good for women
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Q. My height is 4.8 feet, is Hero Pleasure suitable for me or Pep Plus?
  • But you have not mentioned your weight. If you are medium or slim go for Pep Plus. The vehicle is manageable.
  • Scooty pep light weight and easy maintenance
  • Go for hero pleasure it will be best option
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3.7 /5
399 reviews & ratings
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  • 3.8

    HH Pleasure is a nice scooter, but lack of technically sound mechanics makes it worse to maintain a vehicle as it getting old. After the age of 3 years vehicle needs a smart mechanic who can catch what the vehicle is needing. Pleasure is a very nice vehicle if proper service done on time to time with a good mechanic you gonna have this for a good time. My pleasure is now 12 Year old and still doing nice.

  • 1.8

    It's worst bike... I bought 2018 march puduvayal PKN motors.. 50 speed going automatically engine ll stopped... Showroom was not clear this issue...So many mechanics problem continues.... Please don't buy hero pleasure..

  • 5.0

    Very comfort I"m getting, I'm not worried at all since I purchased it just one and half months back. Quite natural it will consume more petrol. And am happy with it as it is giving me a average mileage of >40 km/litre.

  • 4.2

    it's an alternative for those who cant bear activas Weight but need get all the joy of riding with a sense of independence with a mobile charging port self start and dual pain job.good mileage add to features.

  • 5.0

    This bike it really joy to ride. But when it comes to start it without button, it is very difficult. Because to kick start the bike we need to put it on double stand which is really difficult for ladies.

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  • 4.6

    Happy to buying . Happy to zigweel

  • 3.0

    at start it was good. but now its 9 yrs.it can wear out. but very slow speed and slow pickup. no efficiency.

  • 5.0

    very good engine. very good performance. almost zero maintenance.

  • 4.2

    It was one of the best mopeds of its time.

  • 2.2

    It's good for women but not for a daily rider like me.

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The Pleasure has received its first major update in 13 years! Is it a case of too little too late, or are the updates significant enough to keep it relevant among today’s rivals?

May 15, 2019  By Team ZigWheels