TVS NTorq - Long Term Fleet Introduction

The most exciting 125cc scooter, the TVS NTorq, has joined the ZigWheels’ long-term fleet. We’re really looking forward to find out how practical and durable it truly is in the real world

TVS NTorq Long Term Introduction

Prior to having the Aprilia SR 150 assigned as my long-termer, I owned a KTM Duke 200. Due to its aggressive nature, I wanted something more relaxed for my daily commutes - a practical scooter, to be precise. And while the SR 150 is a scooter, it’s by no means a practical one, almost like a motorcycle in disguise.

TVS NTorq Long Term Introduction

Now, though, I am in luck as I have got my hands on the TVS NTorq. On our road tests and even the first ride, the scooter proved to be sporty, without compromising practicality. But then again, we did have some concerns about the durability of that plastic bodywork and the excessive use of bolts to hold the panels together. So, here are my first impressions after using it for around 500km and 12 days.

TVS NTorq Long Term Introduction


Well, the scooter is intact so far and no vibrations or loose bolts have been spotted yet. The floorboard, although not too generous, has really come in handy. Thanks to it, I don't have to carry the laptop bag on my shoulders anymore. With my bag hanging off the sturdy luggage hook, there's room for my size-10 feet as well!

TVS NTorq Long Term Introduction

The other day, though, I had to rush to the hospital with quite a few knick-knacks. And with my bag stuffed with clothes and a big tiffin hanging off the luggage hook, there was no room left for my laptop. At that moment, it struck me how we had compared the underseat storage of the NTorq with that of the Grazia using a laptop. The underseat storage is a big highlight of the NTorq and it was a blessing to have that kind of space in such a situation.

TVS NTorq Long Term Introduction

On the downside, the plastic extension on the right side of the floorboard managed to hit the exhaust pipe everytime it went over a bump or pothole. This particularly happens with a pillion on board and does get annoying.

TVS NTorq Long Term Introduction

But luckily, the NTorq was due for its first service at 750km. I did highlight the concern to the service team, but am yet to get the scooter back, so keeping my fingers crossed. The first service is free and therefore, I was charged only Rs 325 for the engine oil change.

TVS NTorq Long Term Introduction

All things said, my short 12-day experience with the scooter has been pleasant but has also raised a concern about the reliability of plastic parts. Also, I am yet to figure out what fuel efficiency the NTorq returns on my 32km-long daily commutes, which stood at 47kmpl in our test run. Stay tuned for my next report where I update you on these two fronts.

Date acquired: April 4, 2018

Odometer reading on date acquired: 213km

Total kilometres covered: 760km

Fuel efficiency: 47kmpl (City)

1st Service Charge: Rs 325

Cheers: Power, refinement and ride quality

Sneers: Reliability of plastic parts

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