2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 First Ride Review - Even More Value For Money

  • Apr 13, 2024
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For 2024, the Bajaj Pulsar N250 gets a host of upgrades to increase its road presence and is priced at just Rs 851 more than the previous model

The Bajaj Pulsar N250 was launched alongside its faired sibling, the F250 in 2021. For 2024, Bajaj has updated the Pulsar N250 with significant changes; some that have increased its overall appeal, set it apart from the other N models, and also improved some of its handling abilities. 


The styling of the N250 has remained pretty much the same but the bike now gets a 37mm inverted fork, chunkier tyres, and new colour options with updated graphics. These changes have given the bike a much better road presence. The red and white colour options get champagne gold forks but the black colour option misses out on the same. The bike is now offered in three colour schemes, although the black model misses out on champagne gold USD forks and gets black ones instead.

Engine, Performance, and Mileage 

Mechanically, the bike is unchanged and still makes use of the 249cc motor churning out 24.5PS at 8750rpm and a peak torque of 21.5Nm at 6500rpm. This motor might not be the most powerful in the segment, but it is a very peaceful one to live with. It is quite refined, has a strong mid-range and is also a very tractable engine. I was able to do speeds as low as 40 km/h in fourth gear which makes it ideal for daily commuting. The clutch action is really light and the gear shifts are slick. With how usable this motor is, riders can also enjoy longer weekend rides. We were able to get an average fuel efficiency reading of around 36 kmpl on the console. But for its actual real-world mileage numbers, you’ll have to wait for our road test.

Handling and Ride Quality 

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The ride quality of the N250 has remained plush just like the previous model. It handles bad roads with aplomb, but some taller speed breakers might still toss you off the seat if you ride over them aggressively. The new 110/70 and 140/70 section tyres have changed the handling dynamics of the N250. The bike does not tip in or flick over from one side to another as fast as the older model. Instead, it is now very confidence inspiring, feels much more stable through a corner, and can carry more lean angle as well.


The Bajaj Pulsar N250 has a good riding position for daily commuting. With my 5.7 foot stature, I was almost upright; there is just a very slight reach forward to the handlebars and footpegs are slightly rear set in a sporty manner. There is a good amount of room to move around so attacking corners on the N250 feels natural. A rider will also be able to do slightly longer weekend rides (approximately 200 kilometres) with the level of comfort that the bike offers. Considering that the F250 exists and already offers a slightly sporty riding posture, I would have liked it if the N250 got a flat and wide handlebar.


The N250 also gets electronic updates in the form of ABS ride modes and Traction Control. There are three ABS modes (Road, Rain, and Off-Road) that can be switched on the go and Traction Control can be disabled only in the off-road ABS mode. There is a clear difference while using the different ABS modes and this ABS unit is really well calibrated to get the bike to a halt in a precise manner. On tarmac, the Traction Control system works well and is not intrusive while the bike is wading through bad sections. Overall, these features make it a very safe motorcycle. Additionally, the bike now gets the new digital LCD console with Bluetooth connectivity which we recently saw on the updated N160, but the N250 becomes the first Pulsar to get Turn-By-Turn navigation.


Priced at Rs 1,50,829 (ex-showroom Delhi), the N250 is just Rs 851 more than before making it a really good value for money proposition. The F250 is also set to receive all of these updates very soon. With modern features, electronic safety assists, and updated handling characteristics, the N250 is a more potent motorcycle that now properly distinguishes itself apart from the N160 and N150. 

Bajaj Pulsar N250 Video Review

Bajaj Pulsar N250
Bajaj Pulsar N250
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