BGauss RUV 350 First Ride Review: Not Your Usual E-Sooter

  • Jun 25, 2024
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We explore the capabilities of the BGauss RUV 350 after spending a short time riding it around their factory in Chakan, Pune

The BGauss RUV 350 is the latest offering in the EV scooter space. This new scooter looks very similar to one of their previous offerings, the D15. BGauss have branded this scooter as a Riders Utility Vehicle (RUV). 

BGauss RUV 350 Design

From afar, the BGauss RUV 350 looks like a step-through scooter, especially because of the 16-inch alloy wheels. But it does have a floorboard to keep in tune with the utility theme of the scooter. It gets an LED DRL and headlight setup and also features a full metal body. Unfortunately, the build quality and fit and finish levels are not premium as we spotted panel gaps in the bodywork. BGauss claims that the scooters we were riding at this first ride event were pre-production units and these niggles should be sorted out by the time deliveries begin.

Bgauss RUV 350 Comfort 

The ergonomics keep a rider upright and the seat is fairly comfortable. It has a kerb weight of 122 kg but it does feel really lightweight. The seat is not very tall at 785mm, but you do feel like you are positioned higher up than regular scooters and that is because of the large, 16-inch alloy wheels. 

Bgauss RUV 350 Performance

This scooter gets three ride modes: Eco Ride and Sport. The throttle calibration is good and each of the modes distinguish themselves apart quite well. In Eco and Ride mode, the scooter is quite slow so to make quick overtakes a rider is going to have to use Sport mode. Throughout our time spent with the RUV 350, we used the scooter in Sport mode. In Sport mode, it has a 0 to 40kmph sprint time of 5.8 seconds.

Compared to other EV scooters that have a belt-drive system, the RUV 350 has what Bgauss are calling an in-wheel hyperdrive motor. This motor is said to be more efficient and low maintenance. BGauss claim that you can run the scooter for 1 lakh kms without having to service it.

This 3 kWh battery pack is said to deliver an IDC estimated range of 135 km. In Eco mode, the real-world riding range of the scooter is said to be around 120kms, although that's something which we'll have to test later. In Eco mode, it has a top speed of 45kmph, in Ride mode it is 60kmph and in Sport mode, it goes up to 75kmph. 

The claimed charging times are as follows:


0-80% (Claimed)

0-100% (Claimed)


5 Hours, 25 Minutes

6 Hours, 50 Minutes


2 Hours, 40 Minutes

3 Hours, 55 Minutes


1 Hour, 55 Minutes

2 Hours, 35Minutes

Bgauss RUV 350 Features and Storage

Feature-wise, the BGauss RUV 350 EV scooter is equipped with a USB charging port, and a 5-inch TFT screen which Bgauss have developed in-house. This unit supports Bluetooth connectivity for Turn-by-turn navigation, call and SMS alerts and more. Riders can also switch between two different interfaces on the TFT screen. Additionally, it also gets a hill-hold assist function, cruise control and reverse mode. Navigating through menus on the TFT screen has to be done using a combination of the switchgear buttons and the brakes. As far as first impressions go, this was not the most user-friendly technique but it might just take some getting used to. 

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Considering the short time we spent with the scooter, these are again features that will have to be tested properly when we get it for a longer duration. In the storage department, the boot gets 15 litres of space and can fit a half-face helmet. It also has a tiny compartment under the mat on the floorboard (4.5 litres) and a glove compartment (2.2 litres) at the front for additional storage space. 

BGauss RUV 350 Handling and Braking

Because of the 16-inch alloy wheels, the handling abilities of the scooter are excellent. It tips into corners quickly, holds a line and feels stable throughout. This is also thanks to the TVS Eurogrip rubber which provides adequate grip for the performance offered by this scooter. The suspension setup is slightly on the stiffer side, especially the rear. For this first ride experience, we spent most of our time riding on well-paved roads around the factory so the ride quality is again something we will have to talk about later.

What surely needs to be improved is the braking setup. It gets drum brakes at both ends and to get it to a halt quickly, a rider will have to grab onto the levers hard and it still takes some time to get to a complete stop. We feel like Bgauss could have offered a disc brake at the front as this has become somewhat of a necessity. 

BGauss RUV 350 Verdict

There are three variants of the RUV 350 priced at Rs 1.10 lakh for the base (i EX), Rs 1.25 lakh for the mid-spec (EX) variant, and Rs 1.35 lakh for the top-spec (Max) variant. Overall, this is a simple electric scooter and what it mainly has going for it is its good handling abilities. If this EV scooter was priced between Rs 80,000 and Rs 90,000, there might have been some interested customers. Unfortunately, there are currently many other EV options in the market for the same asking price and they seem to be more value-for-money propositions. We hope that BGauss can sort out all of the niggles before deliveries for the RUV 350 begin. 

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