ZigOpinion: TVS Ronin - Why A 225cc Bike Makes Sense

TVS’ new 225cc engine-powered Ronin has big targets in sight (read 350cc bikes), and here’s why we think the brand’s approach makes sense

TVS Ronin - ZigOpinion
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While a lot of enthusiasts expected TVS to bring forth a cruiser based on the TVS Zeppelin concept, there was a mixed bag of reactions when the Hosur-based bikemaker introduced the TVS Ronin. It was a 225cc neo-retro scrambler-themed bike with a hint of cruiser genes, and with this TVS intends to make an impact in the mid-capacity lifestyle segment, currently dominated by 350cc motorcycles. Despite packing a smaller engine, the TVS Ronin makes quite a lot of sense to achieve its purpose, and here’s how:

Turns out, size doesn’t matter:

TVS Ronin ZigOpinion Engine

The Ronin uses a TVS Apache RTR 200 4V-derived engine with a longer stroke, while keeping the bore unchanged. This, coupled with the heavier flywheel, different cams, and the revised engine tune ensure it’s as torquey as the 350cc thumpers out there. In fact, we rode the bike and realised the Ronin can pull right from 20kmph in fourth gear without fuss. The clutch is light, the gearbox is slick, and the Ronin can putter around town in the third or even fourth gear. 

Those who like to munch miles will be happy to hear that the Ronin feels pretty confidence-inspiring at higher speeds and can reach 90-100kmph without much fuss. More importantly, the engine is refined, with just about the right kind of vibes to make the bike feel alive and connected to the rider. Oh, and the exhaust is loud enough for a commanding road presence too. So, as far as road manners are concerned, it pretty much does everything that a modern-classic 350cc bike like the Honda CB350RS or the Royal Enfield Classic 350 does. 

Savings, savings and more savings:

TVS Ronin ZigOpinion Weight

Being a smaller-engined motorcycle, the TVS Ronin weighs a whole 21kg less than the Honda CB350RS and a whopping 35kg less than the Royal Enfield Classic 350. Sure, at 27Nm and 30Nm for the Classic 350 and the CB350RS respectively, the Ronin’s 19.93Nm may not sound like much. But the much lower weight means  it should be as quick – if not quicker – off the line than the other two. Moreover, the Ronin’s power figure (20.4PS) is the same as the Classic 350 and just 0.67PS more than the CB350RS. And this too, coupled with the lower weight, should have a direct impact on the bike’s power to weight ratio, ensuring good riding dynamics as well.

A final advantage the smaller engine offers is its fuel efficiency. And TVS has ensured it isn’t just on a superficial level, as it has equipped the motor with an oil-cooled head that reduces the temperature around that area by as much as 10 degrees celsius. There are ducts to cool the engine as well as the battery. Additionally the lighter silent starter takes fewer revs to crank up, further aiding efficiency. And with a more fuel-efficient engine, the Ronin should also ensure lower running costs compared to the other two bikes.

TVS Ronin ZigOpinion Price

Another important aspect is its price. At Rs 1,68,750, the Ronin costs a whole Rs 30,221 less than the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Rs 34,429 less than the Honda CB350RS (all ex-showroom Delhi). Topping it off, the Ronin also offers additional tangible features including a proper smartphone-connected instrument cluster with turn-by-turn navigation, ABS modes and premium underpinnings. So as far as the dynamics, features and value are concerned, the TVS Ronin ticks all the necessary boxes with clinical precision, maintaining a retro charm that’s somewhat on par with its 350cc competitors.

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TVS Ronin
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