Yamaha Scooters Ready For 1 April Safety Deadline

The Japanese manufacturer has kitted out all its scooters with Unified Braking System (UBS)

  • Yamaha is calling its braking tech ‘UBS.’
  • Each scooter receives a nominal hike in prices.
  • The Fascino gets a new green colour.
Yamaha Scooters CBS

Yamaha is on a serious rampage to be ready for the 1 April deadline for kitting out all its products with either CBS or ABS. Barring the SZ, which may soon be axed, all of its motorcycles get the safety net. In one swoop, Yamaha has kitted all of its existing scooter models with Unified Braking System (Yamaha lingo for CBS). For the UBS drum variants the prices have gone up by Rs 400, while one has to shell out Rs 600 more for the UBS disc variants.

Here’s what the official statement states:

Chennai, February 4, 2019: India Yamaha Motor (IYM) Pvt Ltd. has announced its renewed scooter line up now enabled with Unified Braking System (UBS) along with additional feature like maintenance free battery. In 2019, the company in line with its commitment of offering exciting, stylish and sporty mobility products in India, has introduced the ABS enabled YZF-R15 Version 3.0 (155 cc), the new FZ FI (149 cc), FZS FI (149 cc), FZ 25 (249 cc) and Fazer 25 (249 cc) in exciting colours.

Yamaha’s new strategic campaign “The Call of the Blue” which parasols the overall product and marketing initiatives including motorcycles and scooters now brings excitement into the 113 cc scooter category. The line-up includes Unified Braking system (UBS) enabled Yamaha Fascino, Cygnus Ray ZR, Cygnus Ray ZR Street Rally, Cygnus Alpha   – all available with maintenance free battery, thus adding to the overall impact of the brand’s excitement.

Yamaha Fascino has considerably gone into raptures about its unique styling and fashion cues since its launch in 2015. In 2019, Yamaha has further jazzed up the unisex appeal of Yamaha Fascino (113 cc) by introducing a modish colour “Season green” with UBS, maintenance free battery.

While introducing an inspiring passage to the global excitement of the brand with The Call of the Blue, Mr. Motofumi Shitara, Chairman, Yamaha Motor India group of companies said, “Within five years of introducing Yamaha’s scooters in India, the company has been able to lay the foundations in the market with its uniqueness of mobility products that are also stylish and exciting. The company will further build on this momentum by categorically planning more excitement for scooter customers that revs in Yamaha’s unique style and sportiness. The new line up including Fascino will reserve and expand the brand’s overall unique character of offering exciting mobility solutions.”

Yamaha scooter product name

(now with UBS and maintenance free battery)

Price (Rs.) Ex showroom Delhi



Cygnus Ray ZR Street Rally


Cygnus     Ray ZR Disc brake


Cygnus     Ray ZR Disc brake DARKNIGHT


Cygnus     Ray ZR Drum brake


Cygnus Alpha Disc brake


Cygnus Alpha Drum brake


Cygnus Ray Z


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