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Honda City Highlights

Honda City Price: Honda City prices start at Rs. 9.91 lakh for petrol and goes upto Rs. 14.31 lakh. The prices of City diesel variants start at Rs. 11.11 lakh and the top-end diesel is priced at Rs. 14.21 lakh. Honda City is available in 11 variants and 5 colours.
City Engine and Specifications: Engine options for the new Honda City include a 1.5-litre petrol and a 1.5-litre diesel engine. If you want fun, you pick the petrol. And, if it’s mileage you’re after, it’s the diesel that needs to be parked in your garage. The i-VTEC petrol engine is as rev happy as ever, willingly screaming up to its redline as you grin happily. But, over the years, the engine seems to have let go of its characteristic trait - the butter smooth refinement. You get to pick between a 5-speed manual and a 7-step CVT. In our road test, the manual was unsurprisingly quicker to get to 100kmph, in just 10 seconds. The automatic took nearly 12 seconds to get up to the same speed. On the efficiency front, the manual pipped the auto yet again with 13.86kmpl (city) / 19.21kmpl (Highway) as opposed to 11.22kmpl (city) / 16.55kmpl (highway). Hop into the i-DTEC diesel-equipped variants and the engine clatter is sure to put you off. This motor doesn’t feel remotely as refined as the Verna’s 1.6. You get 100PS of power and 200Nm of torque to play with. Paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox, the City diesel makes for a great highway car.

Honda City Variants

With the 2019 update, the base-spec S variant has been discontinued. First on the list then is the SV that packs in all the essentials, including a 2DIN music system paired with four speakers, steering-mounted audio controls, automatic climate control, cruise control and alloy wheels. The only real misses are a parking camera, ORVM-mounted turn indicators, front fog lamps and adjustable rear-seat headrests.

Move up to the V variant and you get a 7-inch touchscreen, voice recognition, push-button start, keyless entry, power-folding mirrors and a reverse camera. Dial in the fact that it's also the base-spec CVT and it seems like rather well-equipped, especially at its price point. The penultimate VX variant adds some finesse to the package with an auto-dimming rear view mirror, telescopic adjust for the steering wheel, LED tail lamps, a sunroof and bigger 16-inch alloy wheels.

Finally, there’s the ZX variant that primarily gives you the safety net of side and curtain airbags. Additionally, it gets full-LED headlamps, LED foglamps and a sporty-looking trunk lid spoiler.

City Exterior and Interior

Despite its age, the Honda City is among the best looking cars in its segment. The low-slung arrow-like design has been made a touch more aggressive with the update that was launched in 2017. With the top-end variant, Honda hasn’t spared any chance of installing LEDs - you’ll find them everywhere. The headlamps, fog lamps, taillamps and even the number plate lights are LED units. ZX and VX variants get a delicious-looking set of 16-inch alloy wheels, while the SV gets a machine-finished set of 15-inch alloys.

Honda’s sedan is unbelievably spacious. If that ranks high on your priority list, you may proceed to the dealership right away. What backs this spacious cabin up, is the generous feature list. There’s an 8-speaker sound system, automatic climate control (with a touchscreen-like interface), leather upholstery as well as cruise control. You also get a touchscreen infotainment system, but we’ve got to say, we aren’t huge fans of it. What we’re also not particularly fond of, is the interior quality. Yes, Honda once set benchmarks here. But, with the current iteration, it’s seemingly lost that robust feeling that the older Citys had. As far as safety is concerned, the City now gets reverse parking sensors as standard equipment. All other variants, save for the top-spec ZX get dual airbags and ABS as standard. In the top model, you get side and curtain airbags additionally.

Honda City Competitors

Hyundai Verna : : Looks suave, is loaded with features you didn’t know of, and most importantly - doesn’t ride like it’s got pogo sticks for wheels. If you can make peace with the limited room at the rear, it’s the best Verna ever!

Toyota Yaris : : The Yaris isn’t a mass-pleaser. It will appeal to those who appreciate nuances like a sure-footed ride, and low NVH over gimmicks such as LED headlamps and sunroofs. If you needed a petrol sedan that will outlast you, your search ends here.

Volkswagen Vento : : It’s aging, but it’s far from being dated. If you’re keen on driving (fast) yourself, the dual-clutch transmission on the Vento will be a more-than-willing partner in crime. It’s got a stiff ride, but the basics of space, practicality and ergonomics have been nailed to the T.

Maruti Ciaz : : There’s nothing that makes you go ‘wow’, but it doesn’t make you whine either. Yes, it’s a bit boring to drive and it could do with some more features. But if you need a no-nonsense car to be chauffeured around in without burning a hole in your pocket, the Ciaz should be in your garage.

Skoda Rapid : : There’s not much to dislike about the Skoda sedan. With the facelift, it looks as premium as ever, and packs in more tech. If you feel the Vento is a bit out of reach, pick the Rapid. It’s practically the same package delivered with a smaller pinch to the wallet. Yes, it’s a tad bit old and could do with some more features, but that build quality does make up for a lot!


Honda’s City continues to be as desirable as ever thanks to that oh-so-illustrious ‘H’ badge on the nose. Yes, we expected a little more polish in terms of build quality. But there’s practically nothing else that’s a big deal breaker in our books.

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Honda City Gets A BS6 Petrol Heart And A Price Hike!
December 10, 2019

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City i-DTEC SV
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Honda City Latest Updates

Honda City is one of the most popular nameplates from the Japanese carmaker. Honda recently made the City its first car in India to get updated to BS6. Its 1.5-litre petrol engine is now compliant with BS6 norms, though the diesel has not been updated yet. Prices for the sedan start from Rs 9.91 lakh. It is more expensive by Rs 9,000 to 16,000 depending on the variant. The diesel engine will demand a premium of Rs 5,000 once it has been updated. Starting December 2019, Honda is offering an Anytime warranty which can cover the car for up to 10 years and 1.2 lakh km.

Editor's View of Honda City

  • Upside

    Space, well-equipped base variant, smooth CVT automatic, fun-to-drive petrol engine

  • Downside

    Noisy diesel engine, average interior quality, below par touchscreen, top variants are woefully expensive

  • Our Verdict

    Honda hasn’t drastically changed the City’s formula. But it does feel more in-tune with the times now. It looks better than ever before and retains its core strength of acres of space and a smooth, fun-to-drive petrol engine. Be prepared to loosen the purse strings, though.

City Detailed Review

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying City

Q. Is the car good for long run - City?
  • Absolutely good, better and best. Recently, I drove my car from Delhi to Visakhapatnam. Though my car is 2005 model, there were no issues at all and it was silky smooth at 80000 KM on the odo. At one point, it returned 22 KM per litre. I thought I might have wrongly calculated or there must be some difference in filling of petrol used for calculation of average consumption. But, throughout the trip it has constantly returned not less than 18. : By Madhusudhanababu | 7 months ago
  • It's a very comfortable car. I'll call it super car. the only issue I have is it's low ground clearance. mileage on highways I get is 20 - 22 which I feel is too good. I believe new cars have better ground clearance. : By LAKHVINDER | 9 months ago
  • Yes, it is very good car for long run. Good milage, powerful AC gives you pleasure of riding. Smooth and soundless engine gives you the perfect satisfaction. : By Sanjib | 1 year ago
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Q. I am using a Toyota Etios GD variant 2012 model and happy with the car. Now I want to upgrade to a new a sedan, what will be my best option within 12 lakhs on road price
  • Don't go with ciaz. They recalled the car all over in India. Must go with Skoda And Volkswagen brand, as they are German manufacturer. : By Pratik | 1 week ago
  • Recalling a car doesn't mean it's not worthy even cars like vw,audi have recalled in the past : By Ankit | 2 days ago
  • Go for Ciaz with MT Diesel it wil be low maintenance and good mileage and good looking too : By Suresh | 2 months ago
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Q. Is there any problem with honda city cvt after 60000km run?
  • Purna, I am using Honda City ivtec petrol cvt since 2011, now my total running around 81000km till now. No issues at all, planning to change cvt oil soon, but as per Honda it's 100000km!!, So you can imagine built quality, cvt is very reliable and best in class, only issue is rubber band effect sometimes you feel while accelerating, so keep your foot light and enjoy the drive, go for it. : By Saumil | 1 year ago
  • Honda City AT is indeed a car which is Value for Money. No abnormal issues when you take care with regular AMC at authorised sales and service outlets. They too do a good job. They also have good offers at times. Do avail of them and enjoy riding pleasure for as much time as possible. : By Ramakrishnan | 1 year ago
  • No problem is 60000, so does 100000 There will be no problem at all but the maintenance of the car is correct : By Sanju | 1 year ago
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Q. How is Honda City Automatic in terms of mileage?
  • Compared to other Automatic cars. Honda City automatic is not just fun to to ride but performance oriented too. Mileage will be around 12-15 kmpl in city depending on traffic conditions and 15-20 on highways with air conditioning ON. : By Walter | 21 hours ago
  • I get 14 ... This is consistently for 3 years over 50k kms.. always in Eco mode. I am a careful driver with very light right leg. For normal usage maybe 12. It could get into single digits very quickly if you have a heavy right foot behavior : By Mallik | 9 months ago
  • It is the only car which claims to have better mileage than its manual counterpart...though i don't have hands on experience. : By Abhishek | 2 months ago
Q. How is the Honda City petrol automatic?
  • Awesome car only downside according to some is the rubber band effect of CVTActually it's quite frankly the best Automatic petrol sedan at the price point : By Himanshu | 10 months ago
  • It's the lightest car you'll every drive. I definitely recommend it.Good interior : By Kshitij | 10 months ago
  • Ok but the petrol manual is superb 😘😘😘🤘 : By John | 9 months ago
Q. Auto cruise control feature is available with Honda City model?
  • From V onwards : By Abhishek | 2 months ago
  • Yes Honda City and wrv got this feature : By Madhusudhanababu | 1 year ago
  • comes in sv model and above : By Ruhypnosis | 1 year ago
Q. How is Honda City Automatic in terms of mileage?
  • Compared to other Automatic cars. Honda City automatic is not just fun to to ride but performance oriented too. Mileage will be around 12-15 kmpl in city depending on traffic conditions and 15-20 on highways with air conditioning ON. : By Walter | 21 hours ago
  • I get 14 ... This is consistently for 3 years over 50k kms.. always in Eco mode. I am a careful driver with very light right leg. For normal usage maybe 12. It could get into single digits very quickly if you have a heavy right foot behavior : By Mallik | 9 months ago
  • It is the only car which claims to have better mileage than its manual counterpart...though i don't have hands on experience. : By Abhishek | 2 months ago
Q. I m planning to buy a family sedan, which one to buy, Honda City or Honda Amaze?
  • Both are good family cars. City is a better build quality and stable on highways. Amaze is more to be driven on city roads and being lighter becomes risky for higher speeds on highways. : By Walter | 21 hours ago
  • Depends on the budget. City is more powerful, more comfortable and better ride quality along with better handling. But all good things come at a special price and so is the case with city. Definitely u won't regret it buying. : By Harsh | 8 months ago
  • The two cars at totally different price points. If you can afford a city.. Please buy city. The ride comfort is far superior in city : By Iype | 9 months ago
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Q. I bought Honda city 2012 model 80000km running in 4 lac. Is it best deal in this price? And also please suggest that after running 80000 km what parameter is majorly check for servicing?
  • You spent at least 1 lakh extra. It must have been between 2.5-3 lakhs. You get it serviced now and it must be good to go. Honda vehicles, if maintained well, can run good all it's life. Well maintained vehicles of all companies run 1 lakh easily. Honda takes more services and has better engine. Don't worry. Read well before buying. You can see my videos on YouTube. : By Gopendra | 21 hours ago
  • Not a Great Deal but Good enough if the car is well maintained and single hand driven. I would suggest if you can visit to a Honda Service Centre for Complete Service Details and Service intervals. Post 80,000 kms you need to do minor checks it post 1 Lakh kms you need a full inspection of Honda Engines for their famous Hair line c***k on the Engine Head. : By Walter | 2 weeks ago
  • It may not be a great deal but ok. As the odo is 80k it would have been a good deal for 3.5 lacs. You should take care of suspension, radiator health other than engine in my view : By Madhusudhanababu | 11 months ago
Q. How many variants are there in Honda City, what is the best among them and why?
  • 5 . Top End Variant with Fully Loaded Festures with Highest Price Range. Between 7 to 14 Lakhs. Decide as per your Budget and take Features. All 5 Models are BEST IN RUNNING & PERFORMANCE. : By Hitendra | 3 days ago
  • This sounds like an exam question :) The top end variant has to be the best, because it has the most goodies! Duh : By Manoj | 1 week ago
Q. Which one I should buy Honda City petrol or Ciaz petrol?
  • Brand & Status SYMBOL , Value For Money go for Honda City. To save 1 Lakh and if Asking KITNA DETI HAI ??? Go for Ciaz : By Hitendra | 3 days ago
  • Depends on what your priorities are. New Ciaz is very specious , has lot of options and value for money. But City is the drivers car, best driving pleasure car in the segment. : By Parag | 6 months ago
  • In this choice- if you have money then go for city. : By Gopendra | 1 month ago
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Q. Which one is better S-Cross and Honda City?
  • Both belong to defferent Category. : By Santhosh | 4 days ago
  • S cross comes in SUV segement n Honda City in Seddaan first you have to decide in which segement you want to go.. : By Nitin | 8 months ago
  • Honda city - Speed and pickup S-cross - Mileage and spacious : By Amlan | 8 months ago
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  • 5.0

    I have chose Honda VX Cvt after reviewing, testing almost all the cars available in the sub 20 lakhs. Cost of ownership - LOW comparing other cars which will make you 1.5 mill poor.Mileage - Receiving mileage of apprx. 15 kmpl on highways, 10 on city conditions (AC ON - Always)Comfort - Most comfortable sedan in the class or May be a class higher.performance - Yes, there is rubber band effect which is common for CVT but you can overcome it by using the paddle shift in Sports mode. The paddle shift will work on the normal drive mode for quick overtakes, I prefer downshifting on paddle shifts for tight situations/ either for engine breaking or Quick overtakes.ECO Mode - Will reduce the performance of the vehicle so I only use it while on highway cruises with Cruise control.Over all Experience - Excellent.

  • 4.0

    honda city need no review as it is so good. Being Honda car, its maintenance is little costly however it has really good engine and comfort. good interiors with good music system. car has required power and stability on road. in short, except maintenance, there is nothing to complain about. Be wary of the authorized service centre as they cheat and advice many more things which may not be required. read your manual about service requirements. the service cycle is 3 months or 5000 kms and you can get it serviced in 6 months if conditions suit you. however take care and go by manual of the car. go for minor service in 3 months and bigger service in six months. so you will be able to save some amount.

  • 1.0

    dear sir, issue reported on 23-06-2019 10.50 am ,i talked with service manger he is not willing to send an on road service vehicle & register with road side assistant vehicle . The on road assistance vehicle took the car @ 3.45 pm ( after waiting for for 6 hours ) .after delivery the vehicle by vision honda no one is there ... i waited in front of vision honda for a 4 hours.they are not willing to take service , after contacting honda customer care a number of times service engineer took for service @ 10.30 pm i received the vehicle after service now i want to inspect my vehicle whether it is flood effected one or used for test drive . dear honda car ltd i am going to consumer court for your on road service issue and your vehicle quality Complaints 1.dash board issue 3 times corrected but still same issue. 2. Gear box issue 23 jun 2019. After running only 4230 km....Waited 6 hours on road side..No response.today is 30 jun 2019 Brake issue and gear shifting issue need a valuable response against this case must change my vehicle and give me loss compensation. Experience is don't buy Honda car I am going for consumer court against Honda and dealership

  • 2.0

    There was car malfunction and the car had to be sent to workshop in the first year of purchase on 02.11.2019. I have been told that rodent had cut wires and the same was not covered under warranty. If a rodent can enter the car engine and disable the car, it is a case of serious defective design and therefore very unsafe vehicle to drive. I have driven vehicles of various brands in Chandigarh in last forty years and this kind of problem has never occurred with cars of other brands. Its gear shifting is also not smooth at all.

  • 2.0

    The car malfunctioned in very first year of purchase and had to be sent to the workshop on 02.11.2019. I have been informed that rodent entered the engine and cut some wires and that was not covered under warranty. If that is true then there is serious design defect and the vehicle is unsafe to drive. I have driven vehicles of various brands in Chandigarh during the last forty years and this kind of problem has never occurred. Even gear shifting is also quite hard in this car.

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  • 5.0

    Best Car Available in Segment. Honda is HONDA

  • 5.0

    Thik hi ham jante hi ke hmare lot built Maruti hi car lo kharedana

  • 4.0

    This car is so comfort for long drive and as i would like to upgrade to SUV that is why i am selling car or else i will keep with me

  • 5.0

    Exquisite lovely comfort and convenience and marvellous

  • 5.0

    Really, loved this creation.!

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Honda City Colours

  • Radiant Red Metallic
  • Golden Brown Metallic
  • Lunar Silver
  • Modern Steel Metallic
  • White Orchid Pearl

Honda City Mileage

Fuel Type Transmission ARAI Claimed Mileage User Reported Mileage
Diesel Manual 25.6 kmpl 18 kmpl
Petrol Automatic 18 kmpl 11 kmpl
Petrol Manual 17.4 kmpl 12 kmpl

Honda City Service Cost

The estimated service cost for Honda City
Petrol (3 years) Rs. 24,693
Petrol Automatic (3 years) Rs. 23,580
Diesel (3 years) Rs. 36,584
Petrol Manual (3 years) Rs. 52,835
City Service Cost Details

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    Validity : 04 Dec-31 Dec
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    City i-DTEC SV offers
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    Validity : 04 Dec-31 Dec
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