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Honda Offers 2 Unicorn models in India. Honda CB Unicorn is the lowest priced model at Rs. 69,961 (Ex-Showroom) and Honda CB Unicorn 160 is the highest priced model at Rs. 73,210 (Ex-Showroom). One of the first commuter motorcycles to sport a monoshock, the Unicorn has the best-in-class comfort and bulletproof build quality. With a highly refined, fuel efficient engine, no-frills design and comfortable ergonomics, the Unicorn ticks all the right boxes for the ideal commuter. The Unicorn gives a great claimed mileage of around 60 kmpl, making it ideal for city rides. But make no mistake, the bike is capable on the highways too. The Unicorn also received an upgrade, in the form of Unicorn 160 with better looks and more powerful engine. But its solid quality always stayed undiluted.

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Honda Unicorn price starts at Rs. 72,633 for the cheapest model CB Unicorn 150 with a 149 cc engine claiming mileage of 60 kmpl and goes up to Rs. 75,884 for the top model CB Unicorn 160 with a 162 cc engine claiming mileage of 62 kmpl. Honda offers a series of 2 new Unicorn models in India. CB Unicorn 150 (Rs. 72,633) and CB Unicorn 160 (Rs. 75,884) are among the popular bikes from this Honda Unicorn commuter bike family. Select a Unicorn bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

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Recently Asked User Questions about Honda Unicorn

Q. What is the Honda CB Unicorn 150 ABS BS6 launch date?
  • Honda doesn’t seem concerned with the launches in India, for Honda India is a dumping ground where they dump basic models and mint money. Its the fault of Indian customers that they devalue themselves by purchasing outdated technology products from Honda. As long as there are Indians who are buying such outdated tech from Honda the Honda company will continue to sell and make money and use the money from India to make better products for other countries in Asia etc. Honda Is launching latest vehicles in other countries like Thailand, Philippines, China and other Asian countries. For them India is an easy market where they can sell their outdated technology products and yet make money because we Indians are so easy to convince.
  • The split of hero Honda is based on uneven technology sharing.Honda's market in India is based on the stereotype that Japanese makers have advanced engineering,technology etc.which may partially true but manufacturing that in India would not cost much.in the past few years all commuter models from Honda had only analog meter that to a basic one, they were not ready to add any features unless or until it is absolutely necessary. brand name decides their price making 'Honda' a high end manufacturer with low end tatics(decent engine+aged old body design,paint job,speedo,headlamp)..encourage native manufacturers..
  • I don't think so. i frankly feel that we do have the purchasing capacity of other markets and also our government is not helping it either by keeping the tax's high. check out KTM. but you are true regarding the point that there are 1000's and 1000's to buy their vintage activa since ages and i feel HMSI don't see a point in shaking the market. LOL and the end result is 50 shades of activa, 50 shades of shine and 50 shades of unicorn. i really don't understand what is stopping our TVS jupiter from reaching the top.
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Q. Is Honda launching BS6 variant in Unicorn?
  • Nope, Unicorn 150 will be discontinued after April 2020. They are not upgrading this BS4 engine. As the new models with BS6 are about to launch in Q2 2020 by Honda, they are focusing on their promotion. So, March 2020 will be the end for Unicorn 150.
  • It is not true don't spread the fake because of you cheap people gets wrong information and spread it if information is right then why don't you mention the source of information. as i am working in honda they are going to launch it soon.
  • Read the news which came in last week or so. They have upgraded the bike with BS6 engine and have retained the retro looks. What did you get by spreading false news?You don't deserve to be on this blog.
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Q. Is Honda CB Unicorn 150 BS6-compliant?
  • As of now no. Not sure whether it will continue with BS6
  • Hopefully available
  • No complaints
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Honda Unicorn Expert Reviews

  • Honda CB Unicorn 160 : Detailed Review
    Honda CB Unicorn 160 : Detailed Review

    We find out if the new Honda CB Unicorn 160 lives up to the Unicorn moniker

    Jan 9, 2015
  • Honda CB Unicorn 150: Road Test Review
    Honda CB Unicorn 150: Road Test Review

    Having been on top of the segment for over a decade now, does the Honda CB Unicorn still manage to tick all the right boxes? Let's find out.

    Jun 17, 2017
  • Honda Unicorn 160: 6,000km final long term report
    Honda Unicorn 160: 6,000km final long term report

    It's time to bid adieu to the Honda Unicorn 160 as it exits the ZigWheels long term fleet after clocking over 6,000km. We bring forward to you its positives and negatives from its journey with us

    Jul 24, 2015

Honda Unicorn User Reviews

  • CB Unicorn 150
    1271 reviews & ratings
    CB Unicorn 150

    I am using this bike for more than 2 years. People who love to ride a stable, smooth and comfortable 150cc bike this is the best choice till date. Seat height is very good for people 5ft5inch to please 6ft. Short heighy people may face difficulties with this bike seat height. My height is 5 ft 8 inch and I feel so comfortable in this bike. Maximum distance I covered in a single day is 170km. Only issue I feel in long ride is seat is slightly hard. This bike is very good for seating 2 healthy adults. Seat is very long so no problem when pillion is in back. And pillion doesn't feel problem in this bike. Engine is very smooth. Gear shifting is also very smooth. I use motul engine oil for my bike so it feels more smooth. Only problem with engine I felt that the tappets are to be adjusted in every 5000kms or it become noisy. Other than that no problem with engine. Milage I get please 45kmpl. I use it daily so I will recommend it for daily commute.

    Deepranjan 3 months ago
    CB Unicorn 150 User Reviews
  • CB Unicorn 160
    276 reviews & ratings
    Unicorn 160

    I have old unicorn dazzler 150 cc bike for 4 years almost driven about a lakh KM then am looking to buy new vehicle in Honda is my only choice because of it's quite engine performance but Honda give this unicorn 160 cc as a faulty Engine or else very noisy engine on my view . even they have service the engine but the is not satisfied for me .if I go about 80kmpl it's ok if I cross above 80 km speed the engine get noisy . even my old Dazzler still remain soft while I go above 80. so I don't trust the 160 cc bike in Honda .now I buy again 150 cc unicorn after 2 years .

    Aravind 11 months ago
    Unicorn 160 User Reviews

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