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Discontinued Model since 31 Mar 2020

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The famed Activa 5G will meet its demise once BS6 emission norms kick in on April 1, 2020. It will, however, be survived by the new Activa 6G, which will hopefully rake in more numbers for the brand. The last remaining units of the Activa 5G are still on sale at a starting price of Rs 55,934. The Deluxe version will set you back by Rs 57,799 (both ex-showroom, prices). It’s available in eight colours: yellow, brown, grey, black, silver, white, red, and blue.

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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Activa 5G

Q. My activa 5g battery is 22months old and has starting problem?
  • For this, we would suggest you to get in touch with the nearest authorized service center in your city as they would be able to assist you better after the physical inspection of your scooter. You may click on the following link and select your city accordingly for service centers.
Q. Activa 5G not giving mileage. Only 26kmpl.
  • In order to get better fuel efficiency returns from your scooter, there are some points that you can keep in mind while riding such as keeping a check on tyre air pressure, timely service your scooter, do not accelerate the scooter unnecessarily, ride your scooter at economical speeds, etc.
  • Please maintain good service on time
Q. I am in a CRPF. I want to buy Scooty from Central Police Canteen.?
  • For this, we would suggest you to have a word with the CSD staff or walk into the nearest dealership as they will be the better person to assist you. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership by selecting your city accordingly.
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Q. Which one is better Jupiter or Activa 5G in terms of mileage, comfort, maintenance and value for money?
  • मेरे पास टीवीएस जुपिटर है जो दिसंबर 2016 को लिया था। मुझे महीना में चार बार पटना तो मोतिहारी जो कि 150 km के लगभग है। मै अभी के पेट्रोल के रेट से 160 का तेल लेता हूं। और आराम से मोतिहारी , केसरिया पहुंच जाता हूं। और स्कूटी के मामले में जुपिटर का माइलेज बहुत ही बढ़िया है। अभी तक मेरी स्कूटी 26000 km chal chuki hai।
  • मेरे पास टीवीएस जुपिटर है जो दिसंबर 2016 को लिया था। मुझे महीना में चार बार पटना तो मोतिहारी जो कि 150 km के लगभग है जाना होता है। मै अभी के पेट्रोल के रेट से 160 का तेल लेता हूं। और आराम से मोतिहारी , केसरिया पहुंच जाता हूं। और स्कूटी के मामले में जुपिटर का माइलेज बहुत ही बढ़िया है। अभी तक मेरी स्कूटी 26000 km chal chuki hai। Ishi se आप अंदाजा लगा लो कि माइलेज क्या मिल रही है। किन्तु मैं अपने स्कूटी का रेगुलर engine oil change aur servicing karata huein. मैं average speed se gadi chata huein 50-55 km उसके उपर नहीं।
  • Jupiter is All over is the winner of All the Criteria you put it in ..as of it's best milage in real world i got was 50 kmpl, It's suspensions are far more better than any of the same scooter in its class and it's combined with 12" tyres which helps alot like seriously Alot on bad or straight roads making Jupiter's Handling Very Easy and Stress free comparing to what Activa Offers, Maintaining a Jupiter or Activa is some how very same with minor differences still After free services go for a Local but Experienced Mechanic cuz then you can have your Scooter serviced before your very eyes and Value for money is Jupiter according to me ..i reasearched every aspect and took test drives bak to back and lastly Jupiter was my choice over the No1. Selling Scooter in India.
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Q. Which is better, Honda Activa 5G or Suzuki Access 125 in terms of mileage, performance, maintenance and service?
  • Suzuki access leads the way because of its ride quality and sturdy looks. If you go for BS 6 then the mileage part is slightly better than Activa 5g. I personally feel the torque is slightly better than Activa 5G.
  • I dont have any experience with jupiter. But I own honda activa. the power in the vehicle is sufficient but when it comes to the comfort and mileage then it is nowhere especially the front suspension of honda activa is more than worst. The balance and the comfort of the access 125 is also good. The engine of the access is very decent. Overall the honda activa is not a worth buying vehicle.
  • On paper activa does have an advantage it seems when it comes to the to mileage but in real life both activa and access 125 does similar numbers 50kml so access having bigger engine and better ride quality I would say access has better mileage
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Q. Usually Honda two wheeler gets starting issue, if vehicle has not been used for 3-4 days, it takes time to be started, why so - Activa 5G?
  • It is due to the fact that the carburetor jet (small nozzle) has tiny holes in it which will not let too much of fuel flow into the dry cylinder. This is how Honda offers good fuel economy. Suggest you to please use the manual choke provide towards left side of the ignition key. Pull the choke and then start the vehicle, keep it like that for 30secs and then push the lever back to original position and start riding.
  • It is not a fuel injected vehicle..that's why u are facing this problem
  • Please use kick start
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Activa 5G User Reviews

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  • 3.8

    Ok for daily use.Suspension on stiff side mileage is ok ok vibrations after 60kph.Value for money.

  • 5.0

    Good miley my FAVOURITE color is your day going so well and i will be there for you to be with you and your family and friends and family and friends

  • 4.2

    Comfortable driving.Good mileage easy handling for skidded areas, Bettor scooter for daily needs.

  • 5.0

    Super condishan all ok pepars no finance two tires ok recant service no damage no colar shade pickup is good

  • 2.6

    Not affordable now when petrol price is going on sky and average is also not good so it can't be use by any sales job person

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  • 1.0

    This is the fact story of how I lost FAITH in HONDA TWO WHEELERS INDIA LTD. I was having good experience with Honda activa since 2011 to 2015 as I was having it in my college days.So in my first job I purchased HONDA ACTIVA 5G LIMITED EDITION on 9TH OF JAN 2020. on very next day of it delivered to me I face the issue of Handle vibration while pickup at start. So I visited the PILOT HONDA SHOWROOM, BHANDUP , MUMBAI from where I purchased the vehicle. They told me that vehicle takes time to get free up so, wait for few days. So I waited for few days. But the problem persisted and is still there. So I visited the showroom again, they asked me to visit their service center. So I visited it today. Serviceman told me that the problem might be with clutch. And they told me the reason behind it 1) Dust in Clutch parts 2) applying break while raising accelerator.But on very second day I faced the same issue and when I visited service center It was just 148 Kms I drove the vehicle. I literally LOSS the FAITH IN HOND TWO WHEELERS INDIA LTD.THEY GAVE ME FAULTY MODEL. HOW CAN CLUTCH BECOME PROBLEM ON VERY NEXT DAY OR JUST DRIVING OF 148 KMS (WHEN I QM OFFICIALLY RAISING THE COMPLIANT IT IS 148 KMS).VERY VERY SAD AND BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THE REPUTED AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURER

  • 3.4

    Descent two wheeler it power is good in mid-range eg(20to60) after that there is no use to accelerate your engine then the voice will come and it not have instant pick. Pick up will come smoothley if you accelerate instantley . And beside of these two things this activa is best ever from any till date and long on it will be remane it positive points is 1.its build quality of its materal is top nouch there is no problem with this because my activa 2016 model and i have drives 40,000 km and I face no problem with quality of product and it will also give average of 45 per litre after 5 year of buying .and over it is best activa in the India. And you will enjoy riding it between speed of 10to 60 very sporty felling comes. And over all best in every department 😘

  • 1.0

    I bought Activa 5G during new launch.Since then these are all sequential problem exists in my scooter and canot solved by any of the service centers I visited in RR nagar Bangalore 1.Abnormal sound in clutch transmission during running ,My body is absorbing those vibrations and service team done overhauling and it gives better comfort only 3 days again the problem repeats.2.Faluty Horn from Day 1.service technician fix the problem by mechanical adjustment the.problem repeats after 15 days..3.Steel frame of tail lamps are broken.weld quality is not good.4.Starting problem :Need atleast 50 kicks to start if the scooter is rest off for 1-2Days.Horrible experience with this scooter

  • 2.2

    I'm facing starting problem every day morning. If the vehicle is not used continuously for 2 days then it doesn't start easily in spite of using choke. I will have to push the vehicle for at least half kilometer and use kick start to start the vehicle.I contacted the dealer regarding the same and they have no clue about this problem. I got reply that this kind of problem is happening because of new bs norms. It seems many customers are having the same problem and they asked me adjust with the problem as there is no solution to it. Please don"t buy honda vehicle and make your life hell!!!!!

  • 2.6

    its been Not even a Year since i bought my Two wheeler. My Two wheeler(Honda activa) suddenly stopped on road thanks it was near to my home , I called the service center they replied , Sir we will send the Technician and will get it checked & will costs 300 RS and other charges if anything fails (if doesn't belong to company inbuilt parts as many parts are from outside the company)And its been not even a month after my 4th serviceMany problems with the vehicle (service team charging additional saying the parts does not belong to the company)

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