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Discontinued Model since 5 May 2020

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For 2018, the Activa i gets new dual tone colours and colour coded mirrors. The analogue instrument console has been refreshed as well. Also new is a metallic heat shield, 4 into one seat lock opener and hooks on the apron and below the seat. The scooter is available in four dual tone colours anda Matt Axis Grey Metallic colour. The new Activa i retails at a Rs440 premium over the older model.

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Q. Which is the best Activa i vs Activa 125?
  • If engine power is same then both are good
  • Activa 125 is best
  • If u have the budget then invest in 125 rather than activa i
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Q. Is Activa I good for people who are over weight?
  • It is good for every human and it depends on speed if it overweight- in turns slowing of vehicle and going in less speed like btw just rise 10-20
  • Yes
  • Yes
Q. Honda Activa I is metallic or ceramic body?
  • Activa I body is made of ABS plastic.
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  • Both the scooters are same in engine and build quality. and both are highly reliable. if you do not need features like digital instrument console and want a basic cute looking scooter that suits your pocket then activa i is best. also..it is compact compare to activa 5g, it is slim and light..so very easy for short riders to handle in trafic
  • Both have the same engine, combi break and the reliability of Honda. It just the size and design that suits you. The i is more suited for people with a shorter stature. Also there is a price difference of approx 3.5K
  • Well activa i has the same engine as activa 5g the difference is styling and material used so activa i is lighter compared to 5g well 5g is a little robust perfect for Indian roads
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Q. Which is best light weight and easy to ride scooty for girls?
  • There are ample of scooters available with low seat height and less weight which adds up to better control over the two-wheelers.Some of the Scooters are the following:-1. TVS Scooty Zest2. TVS Scooty Pep+3. Honda Activa i4. TVS Jupiter5. Hero Pleasure6. Yamaha Alphaetc.Here are more options available: https://www.zigwheels.com/scooters You can even refine your search by using the filters available so that you can select the best scooter for yourself.Choosing one will depend on brand preference, specific requirements etc.
  • There are many options available. Try to find which bike have low seat height.
  • Honda Activa i
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Q. Which one is better for a short heighted girl Honda Activa 5G or Honda Activa i?
  • Honda Activa i will be better for short riders. Not only is it short in height, the seats are less wider and the vehicle is lighter too. Hope this helps!
  • Activa is preferred for short girls....go with pleasure or pept or ntorq
  • The 5g is better
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3.8 /5
355 reviews & ratings
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  • 4.2

    Activa is a good scooter and I am having it for my daily use. Being an advocate I am going to courts at Erode even in small lanes in which a car cannot enter. very low maintenance.But my scooter is 17 years old and often having repairs. So I want to buy a new Honda 6G.

  • 5.0

    pleasurable, dependable which considered most important, and used for long distance too. Cannot think of a better machine.I vote Activa Honda the ubiquitous two wheeler a winner all the way

  • 3.4

    I don't like Activa personally. Honda could have offered some better product in terms of looks, feature and engine capacity, I dont know why Activa is the best selling

  • 3.0

    Light vehicle. Suitable for ladies. Handling is easier when compared to similar vehicles. But mileage is not upto the promises given.

  • 3.8

    Activa has some hidden Problems but think of it this is the only bike which is standing in the market for Long time

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