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Anil Roy
Anil Roy 4.3 10 Sep 2019

Over the years I have had the good fortune of owning a variety of brands- Maruti, Hyundai, VW, Skoda, Mercedes and most recently BMW 5 series, which undoubtedly is the best driving experience. I like to drive and the 5 series is sheer pleasure. However, BMW’s dealer in Ranchi is not a shadow of who they represent. Here’s my experience: they started on a high note- unrelenting phone calls until payment was collected. They give me a date to take delivery. Since I live in Jamshedpur (about 170 kms from the dealership), to make sure before arriving, I ask for a copy of Temporary Permit (TP). They go -that’s not done yet but ‘chalte hai’- everyone takes delivery without one. I ask how about insurance cover, God forbid, in case of an accident without TP. They say- that’s your risk! Obviously, I postpone the delivery until the following week when they confirm that TP is done. On the day, after a flimsy ritual of (third class) cake cutting ceremony, they hand me the keys with a photo copy of an un-signed, un-stamped TP! As much as I am aghast, I have no option but to drive a new car with technically no legal paper of registration and ownership. They promise to have the signed copy of the TP sent within 48 hrs, which after 41 days I still haven’t received!Now, here’s the kicker- my TP expired on Aug 29 and the car has no registration; hence a 60 lac car now sits pretty in my garage while I use a Ola to get to work!So in summary BMW ought to do better in their selection of dealership, lest they risk erosion of their hard-earned brand equity. To all the BMW lovers in Jharkhand and Bihar, stay away from Titanium.

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 14 kmpl
Ganesh Khade
Ganesh Khade 4.0 15 May 2020

Car performance is good but i am not happy with bmw services at all. Worse experience than anything you will get here in osl prestige kolkata that also paid.all credit goes to mr.dilip paul,.these guys have given me headache by their fake promises and pathetic service ,i have puchased bmw 520d luxury demo car from here..and trust me, this guys were laying about delivery from 1 week after full payment to almost 1 months ..they said every scratches will be removed and same area will be repaint, so they have done it like anyone can make out the difference in repainted area..not professional work from bmw service center..they have painted my front bumper like kid playing with spray gun. Shame on such big brand..scratches are not removed from car i don't know how they can behave like this with bmw reputation.very disappointing.,please don't buy anything from this guys..you will regret..like me.shame on you osl prestige for fooling customers, i have posted some photos of repaint job please check on osl prestige reviews.

Uses this car for : Family Car | Occasional Commute | Daily Commute | Tours
Gets mileage of : 15 kmpl
Jash Sojitra
Jash Sojitra 4.7 24 Mar 2020

Beautiful car both inside and outside. Very punchy engine with excellent torque. Elegant interior with a lot of comfort. Masculine body lines in the exterior give it an excellent look.

Uses this car for : Family Car | Occasional Commute | Tours
Gets mileage of : 17 kmpl
Rahul Yadav
Rahul Yadav 4.3 16 May 2020

It is very comfortable and safety.milage is also good.And performance is very very nice.it is a very very good car for everyone

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 20 kmpl
Babin Basheer
Babin Basheer 3.3 1 Jan 2020

Very powerful safety olso 👏🏼👏🏼 Maintaining cost higher side

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 13 kmpl
Rahul Kotian
Rahul Kotian 5.0 25 Sep 2019

its superb wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i cant explain the drive feel

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 13 kmpl
Shivraj Desai
Shivraj Desai 4.0 16 Jun 2020

It's one of the most raw mean machine you can owm.... 🙂

Uses this car for : Occasional Commute
Abhi Khairge
Abhi Khairge 5.0 14 Nov 2019

That's best car in my life, so I can first car BMW series 5

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 15 kmpl
Suresh S
Suresh S 4.3 11 May 2020

Smooth And safety drive car, Great feeling on long drives

Uses this car for : Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 11 kmpl
Rowin Van
Rowin Van 4.7 28 Aug 2019

best family car ever for long rides or short rides

Uses this car for : Family Car | Occasional Commute | Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 12 kmpl
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