Hero upgrades its motorcycle and scooter line-up

To cash in on the up-coming festive season, Hero MotoCorp up-dated 15 models from its product portfolio with cosmetic, technological and features upgrades while no changes have been done on the mechanical front


Pawan Munjal poses with the new range of bikes


Indian two-wheeler giant Hero MotoCorp which had earlier announced that it would be up-dating its product portfolio and it kept its word, as unveiled 15 new models and variants based upon its existing line-up with aesthetic and technological upgrades.  Starting off proceedings is the new variant of its bread and butter bike, the Splendor iSmart. The latest iteration of the Splendor boasts a segment first i3S technology (Idle Stop and Start System) which is a start-stop system that shuts the engine down while the bike is at idling and in neutral, while it automatically starts the engine as soon as the clutch is depressed and first gear is selected.


This innovative technology goes on to further improve the already impressive fuel efficiency of the Splendor.  Apart from this clever technology, the Splendor iSmart gets revised styling, which includes new body panels, graphics, paint schemes and refreshed instrumentation cluster. Other offerings like the new Splendor Pro, Super Splendor, Passion Pro HF Dawn and HF Deluxe have also been updated with new graphics, re-styled instruments and side stand indicator. The HF Deluxe Eco now sports air foils on the crash guards, new aerodynamic mirrors and low friction tyres for improved fuel efficiency. In the 125cc-segment, both the Glamour and Glamour FI bikes have been endowed with reworked graphics to make them more visually appealing. 



Hero Splendor iSmart




Coming to Scooters, the new Pleasure now comes with linked brakes, which Hero terms as Integrated Braking System (IBS) and is similar to Honda’s Combi Braking System (CBS). The system activates both the front and rear brakes simultaneously thereby improving the braking capacity of the scooter. The new Pleasure has been loaded with features like a mobile charging point, lockable glove box, a light for the underseat storage compartment, combination ignition lock and an indicator for an open seat and side stand. The company also said that it would be soon introducing Integrated Braking System (IBS) in its entire scooter portfolio. 



Pawan Munjal poses with the new Karizma ZMR



Focusing on the performance end of Hero’s portfolio, the Karizma R and ZMR both received a dramatic makeover.  The bikes were developed under the partnership between Hero and Erik Buell Racing (EBR) and the design influence of the American motorcycle manufacturer can be easily seen on the bikes. The new offerings features twin headlights, completely redesigned front faring and tail section, belly pan, new handle bars, split seat and wider profile tyres. Visually both the bikes look similar except that the ZMR has a full fairing compared to half fairing on the Karizma R.


Hero’s premium offering in the 150cc segment, CBZ Xtreme now gets an electronic immobiliser, which doesn’t let the engine start if an in-correct key is inserted in the ignition and helps in the safekeeping of the motorcycle. Features on the up-dated Xtreme include new instrument cluster, restyled headlight, fuel tank, LED taillight and mobile charger point. Apart from this it also sports a side stand switch that disconnects ignition in case a rider forgets to pull up the stand before riding, which is a segment first 


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