Radical BMW Electric Bike In The Works

New patent filings confirm that BMW is going ahead with the development of its first electric bike

 BMW electric bike

A lot of our readers might remember the radical BMW Vision DC Roadster electric concept which was unveiled last year. While BMW didn’t share much details about this eccentric electric motorcycle then, recent filings with the German Patent and Trademark Office leads us to believe that something interesting is brewing in Bavaria. Out of the many trademarks filed, nine of them include DC which hints to the Vision DC Roadster.

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BMW electric bike

BMW has been making some bold moves that started with the BMW G 310 R twins, the all-new S 1000 RR later and recently its first cruiser in many years, the BMW R18. While the German brand has made tremendous progress in the EV space with respect to its cars such as the BMW i3 and the sports car i8, that isn’t the case with BMW Motorrad. But the German brand has to be cautious because none of the major two-wheeler brands has cracked the EV code yet. The only renowned name that came the closest is Harley-Davidson with the Livewire, but with an over $30,000 price tag, things don’t look easy for it. 

BMW electric bike

While the BMW Vision DC Roadster electric concept looks radical and straight out of a sci-fi flick, BMW had also showcased the E-Power Roadster. The latter might not have the visual flair, but it has the workings and hardware of a more realistic electric motorcycle. One of the highlights of this bike was that it used a shaft drive system from an R-Series boxer motor.

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