Learnings From Ather’s First Year Of Operations

The Bangalore-based startup releases combined ride data statistics

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  • Of all the Ather 450s sold, the max distance covered by a single scooter is 8344km.
  • Majority of the owners rarely ride more than 20km a day.
  • Most of the charging activity takes place at the riders’ home.


Ather 450 Scooters Clock Over 6,00,000km

Ather has revealed the combined ride statistics of its owners as the company’s scooters have cumulatively crossed 6 lakh kilometres in the past year. This is quite a healthy number for a two-wheeler brand which has been selling its products in just a single city. And with Ather venturing into Chennai soon, the signs are surely promising.

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Ather 450 Scooters Clock Over 6,00,000km

Of the Ather 450’s two riding modes, Sport and Ride, nearly two-thirds of the 6,00,000 kilometres have been covered in the latter mode. This indicates that owners are not too exuberant with their riding as the Ride mode helps them cover more distance. The average daily usage statistics say that nearly 90 per cent of the owners do not ride more than 34 km in a day and overall, just 50 per cent of owners ride upto 16km on a daily basis.

Ather 450 Scooters Clock Over 6,00,000km

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Charging statistics show that owners are primarily charging their scooters at their own residence. Most of the charging activity takes place once one reaches home post working hours and hence you can see the charging percentage at the highest between 6pm and 12am. The company has also shared that 90 per cent of the rides begin with at least 40 per cent of charge. 65 per cent of the time, the charging process begins even before the battery dips below 40 per cent.

Ather 450 Scooters Clock Over 6,00,000km

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What do these stats mean? Well, it proves the conservative mindset that Indians still have when dealing with electric mobility. Range worry is still prevalent despite most owners not travelling lots of kilometres on a daily basis. Hence you will see owners sticking to the Ride mode and charging their batteries frequently. Perhaps in the next year, we see owners finally getting bolder with their decisions when it comes to battery conservation.

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