Colourful Helmets You Can Buy This Holi And The Ideal Bikes That Match Them

  • Mar 25, 2024
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After getting tired of doing articles explaining bike colours, this time around we featured colourful helmets and bikes you can pair them with

LS2, KYT, Royal Enfield, TiivraHelmets and Matching Bikes - Holi Special

Holi is the festival of colours and… well, you know the rest. After getting tired of doing articles related to colourful bikes and scooters every Holi, THIS time we wanted to do something different. So how about colourful helmets and the ideal bikes that match these helmets?

LS2 FF352 Rampage Fluro Yellow Helmet - Price: Rs 4,200

TVS Raider 125 with LS2

Yellow is a favourite colour to many, while for others it's too bright and gaudy. The LS2 FF352 Rampage Fluro Yellow helmet can be paired up with the bright yellow coloured TVS Raider 125 and the Gujias that you are going to devour this Holi.

Royal Enfield Jet Open Face MLG Helmet - Price: Rs 1,950

Ather 450X and Ola S1 Air with Royal Enfield Jet Helmet

Love to attract attention on the road? Then you will also love the red-coloured Royal Enfield Jet Open Face MLG helmet. MLG in the helmet stands for ‘Made Like a Gun’ but we encourage only water-gun fights. You can match it with your Coral Glam Ola S1 Air or a True Red Ather 450X.

KYT TT Course Leopard Racing Dallaporta Replica Helmet - Price: Rs 7,900

Royal Enfield Meteor 650 with KYT TT-course

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If you like cool and bright pastel colours, then you can get the KYT TT Course Leopard Racing Dallaporta Replica helmet. Such a looooooooong name no? But the helmet looks very pretty with its pastel blue colour, and the best bike to pair it up will be the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 in the Aurora Green avatar.

LS2 FF800 Storm Jeans Titanium Helmet - Price: Rs 10,700 

Yamaha FZ-X with LS2

If you like all things shiny and want to match your helmet with the silver colour that your friends are gonna cover you with, then go for the LS2 FF800 Storm Jeans Titanium Gloss Helmet. The perfect bike to match this helmet along with your Holi look, is the Yamaha FZ-X in a Chrome finish. Though the helmet and its colour scheme look super bright, the riding experience of the FZ-X is somewhat dull.

TIIVRA Composite Fibre Helmets - Price: Rs 9,950 

Tiivra Alterego with Gold Plated Suzuki Hayabusa

Gold is the easiest way for well-to-do Indians to flaunt their wealth. The Tiivra Alterego, for Rs 9,950, is the perfect headgear that cranks the style statement to 11. You can pick any helmet from the Tiivra Alterego range: they all come in bright gold colour. And …. we have the PERFECT motorcycle you can get to pair with this helmets; You’ll just have to spare around Rs 42 lakh for a brand new Suzuki Hayabusa draped in 24-carat gold. That said, those looking for something more affordable, could also go for the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Hanle Black.

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