Honda Metropolitan vs Honda Activa 6G: Battle Of The Baby Honda Scooters

Is Honda's retro 50cc scooter better than our homegrown and trusted Activa?

The Honda Activa has seen six iterations since its first unveiling. And in all these years, it’s fended off some very stern competition, maintaining its strong sales numbers. What could give the Activa a run for its money here, though, is another Honda called the Metropolitan, which is sold in International markets and looks quite appealing. Wondering how these two fare against each other? Here’s some help:


Right Side View of Activa 6G

Looks are subjective, but even Honda Activa fans will agree its design feels a little aged. The current Activa’s flowing lines, though likeable, are not too far a deviation from the first ever Activa and are starting to show their age.


On the other hand, the Honda Metropolitan does things in a different, more retro manner. The overall silhouette is Vespa-ish, which coupled to the chrome mirrors, headlamp nacelle, indicators, and grab rail, lend it a more premium appeal.

 Front Tyre View of Activa 6G

Speaking of premium, the Metropolitan gets black alloy wheels out of the box, while the Activa 6G comes with steel wheels as standard.

 Front View of Activa 6G

However, the Activa 6G claws some points with its all-LED headlamp and apron-mounted pilot lamps, which enhance its front profile.


Features aren't a strong suite for either of these scooters, but both come with their plus points.

Speedometer of Activa 6G 

The Activa 6G packs an LED headlamp, a silent starter system, an engine start/stop switch, a multifunction key, and a basic analogue instrument cluster.


Except for the LED headlamp, the Metropolitan gets all these bits too. However, it edges ahead of the Activa thanks to its two extra storage spaces, alloy wheels, and semi-digital instrument cluster.

Engine And Underpinnings

Exhaust View of Activa 6G

This is where the Activa 6G shines. Featuring a 109cc, single-cylinder engine, it puts out 7.2PS and 8.84Nm. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan gets a puny 49cc, single-cylinder engine. Honda hasn’t revealed the power figures, but we expect it to be nearabout 5PS.

Rear Left View of Activa 6G

Coming to suspension, both scooters employ a telescopic fork up front. But the Activa gets adjustable twin shock absorbers at the rear, which should do a better job than the single, non-adjustable shock on the Metropolitan.


Both scooters are only offered with drum brakes at both ends with CBS, so no differences there.

Power deficit aside, the Metropolitan comes out as the more easy-going scooter here, thanks to its low 720mm seat height and 80kg kerb weight, 45mm and 26kg less than the Activa 6G.

 Front Left View of Activa 6G

In conclusion, there’s no doubt the Metropolitan has excellent potential for our market. However, it costs Rs 1.9 lakh in the USA, more than double of what the Activa 6G retails for here. And since the Activa brand name is already super popular in India, Honda will probably never risk sabotaging it by bringing in another scooter that does the same job.

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