Here’s Your First Look At Next-Gen ‘Pure Green’ Kawasaki Bikes

  • Aug 10, 2022
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Team Green’s naked electric and hybrid supersport took to the Suzuka Circuit recently

Kawasaki Electric Bike And Hybrid Bike Unveiled

Earlier this year, patent drawings of Kawasaki’s hybrid motorcycle surfaced online. However, this tech is now up and running as Team Green rolled out near-production versions of a hybrid bike, as well as an electric bike, in front of a surprised crowd at Japan’s Suzuka Circuit.

Showcased at the iconic Suzuka eight-hour endurance race, these two prototypes were let loose on the track’s start-finish straight, giving fans a look, and a listen, of the all-electric and electric-aided motorcycles. 

Kawasaki’s electric-only motor was housed within a small bike having styling inspired by the Z-range, while the hybrid EV (HEV) project wore full fairings modeled after the Ninja series.

Kawasaki Electric Bike And Hybrid Bike Unveiled

The all-electric naked emerged out of the pits first, whizzing past with an audible electric buzz. Following the electric Kawasaki, the HEV emerged, visibly larger than its electric counterpart, presumably due to its dual mill configuration.

As the hybrid rolled out of the pit lane, the whir of the electric motor went faint as the rider pinned the throttle, kicking the internal combustion engine into gear, as the bike accelerated past an amused audience.

Back in 2019, Kawasaki had released a video of its EV project and this project has come a long way as these near-production bikes have finally been showcased in the flesh. 

Unfortunately, the Japanese bikemaker remained tight-lipped about the actual specs of both bikes. However, the VIN information suggests that the entry-level electric model could produce up to 11kW (15PS) and be positioned as an urban commuter between the Z125 and Z250.

While there’s still no launch date in sight, Kawasaki definitely would not parade both prototypes at the Suzuka Circuit if it didn’t plan on bringing them to the market soon. What remains to be seen is whether these bikes will make their way to India. Well, only time will tell.

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