Here Is When You Can Expect The Electric Royal Enfield To Debut

It will be based on a completely new platform

Royal Enfield has recently launched its most affordable J-series bike, the Hunter 350, at an extremely attractive price point. And at the launch, Eicher Motors MD Siddhartha Lal revealed some information regarding the arrival of an electric Royal Enfield Bike

Most importantly, he mentions that an electric motorcycle from the veteran bikemaker can be expected by 2026. Sure four years is a long waiting time, but Royal Enfield is not looking to get an EV product out in the market fast by compromising on the quality. What’s interesting is that it was also revealed that Royal Enfield is working on multiple platforms and ideas internally, but which path Royal Enfield is going to take isn’t exactly clear right now.

Making an electric equivalent of Royal Enfield’s petrol-powered mid-displacement motorcycle would imply being able to cover long distances. That would drive up the costs as the batteries will need to be a lot more powerful. Moreover, the challenge also lies in packaging the cells and ensuring the weight of the battery pack is kept in check. 

Hence, Lal hints at a more urban-oriented and price-sensitive electric motorcycle that has enough range to tackle commutes within the city. It might not offer sporty performance, but expect it to have grunt equivalent to a 250-300cc motorcycle. As battery technology advances, the costs of making high-capacity batteries will eventually come down. And we hope by 2026, the electric motorcycle segment becomes a lot more accessible.

Royal Enfield Electric Bike Alternatives

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