Kolkata Biker Buys India’s First And Only Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R

  • Dec 9, 2022
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The owner’s Insta profile shows just how much he loves his Kawasakis

I have a friend who LOVES collecting limited edition sneakers, spends thousands of Rupees on kicks. Ask him about why he spends as much on shoes and he’ll say, “shouk ke age kya cheez?”. Sounds a bit obnoxious I know, but I get it, hobbies and passions have that hold on you. Logic isn’t the focus of these discussions.

Similarly, I bet Samyy Ghosh (insta - @beerbiker_samy) from Kolkata, who recently purchased India’s first and possibly the only Kawasaki ZX-25R must be met many questions about his decision to import a 250cc bike which costs 105 million RP in Indonesia (roughly Rs 5.53 lakh). And that’s not including the small fortune-robbing import taxes he’d have incurred. But I get it Sammy, because the ZX-25R is one special bike! 

See, what makes the ZX-25R so… so special is its engine. This made-in-Japan bike is powered by a 249.8cc, inline-four cylinder motor which makes 51PS and 22.9Nm. IN-LINE FOUR, 250cc! Having a screamer of a motor in a small track-focused quarter liter, Kawasaki is practically begging us to go wild on this bike. Not to forget, it gets premium hardware like fully adjustable Showa USD fork and a Showa BFRC monoshock, and a bunch of rider-aids to help you extract more from the bike. Check out the 2023 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R launch story to know more.  

As the story goes, Samyy Ghosh fell in love with the ZX-25R on one of his international trips and the itch to own one was born. He pursued that calling and is now a proud owner of a small weapon on two-wheels. We wish a safe and fun journey ahead on his brand new steed.   

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