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Q. Why is Toyota Glanza V CVT variant more expensive than V variant, because of automatic transmission or something else?
  • Yes, Toyota Glanza V CVT is expensive than V because of its automatic transmission. V CVT features auto-LED projector headlamps, a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and auto AC.
Q. Is this used for taxi service?
  • You may use Toyota Glanza as a commercial vehicle. For the confirmation, we would suggest you have a word with the authorized dealer of Toyota in your city
Q. Does Toyota Glanza have rear view camera?
  • Yes, Toyota Glanza features on offer include a reverse parking camera with display in audio, auto LED projector headlamps, LED DRLs, fog lamps, alloy wheels, a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple carPlay, and Android Auto, auto-dimming IRVM, and auto AC.
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Q. Which car is better Baleno Zeta or Glanza G and why?
  • Go for baleno to get a cheap glanza.Glanza is just a rebadged version of baleno. Both the cars share engine and everything from chasis, body panels to tires.
  • Very poor safety for baleno , very light weight
  • Safety rating is it the same
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Q. Baleno or Toyato Glanza which is best in performance & after sales service?
  • Maruti Baleno is cosmetically re-shaped as Toyota Glanza. You may call it as Toyota Baleno.Better go for Baleno.Service is available every where and any time.
  • But the resale of Toyota is good and vehicle performance if good than baleno
  • But the resale of Toyota is good and vehicle performance if good than baleno
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Q. Hi Guys, I'm planning to buy a car in Mumbai and have drilled down my car choices to either Toyota Glanza(G CVT) or Maruti Nexa Baleno(Zeta CVT), both being the same car except for the branding. Now I am more inclined towards Glanza and here's why:
1. Better Price: Glanza G-CVT will cost me 9.5L including accessories worth 10K and extended warranty worth 12K. The similar model Zeta-CVT of Baleno is costing me 9.95L including accessories worth 20K and extended warranty worth 15K. 2. Better warranty: Glanza is offering 3 years/100000kms while Baleno is offering 2 years/40000kmsNow I your help with few questions so I can better decide which one I should go for:1. Given that I'd be buying the car in the Oct'20 which is towards the end of the year, which car would give me better resale value if I plan to sell it after say 3-5 years?
2. The sales team of Baleno claimed that you can achieve 12-13kms/ltr of mileage in Mumbai traffic. I am buying the car in Mumbai. How true is that given that I am buying the automatic version of the car? I am assuming I'd get the same mileage for Glanza as well.3. Is it worth taking the extended warranty for additional 2-3 years?4. Which brand has a better after sales support and service ?
Thanks in advance guys!
  • Both Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Toyota Glanza are more or less the same premium hatches. Now, as for the resale value, it would be unfair to give any verdict here as it would depend on certain factors such as physical condition of the vehicle, popularity of the model, kilometers driven, etc. For additional peace of mind, Baleno buyers can get a total 5year/1 lakh km warranty, while Toyota will let you extend it to 2.20 lakh km. Additionally, Toyota also offers a free three-year RSA (roadside assistance) facility with Glanza. All these additional after sales services and more affordable pricing makes the Toyota Glanza a better pick in our books. Moreover, the Glanza is powered by the same powertrain as found in the Baleno and the mileage can be expected to be the same as well.
  • Maruti baleno is the best for you 💯
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