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Chevrolet, the American ‘bowtie’ brand, was established in 1911 and came under the General Motors fold in 1917. Before Chevrolet came to India, General Motors faced a tough time establishing itself as a carmakers than can produce cars domestically and sustain it. The Opel brand didn’t work and it was tarnishing the carmaker’s image heavily. Finally in 2003 a fresh call at the Indian car market was taken with the introduction of Chevrolet.

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Chevrolet Spin First Review

General Motors recently declared that they will be bringing in the Spin MPV next year. We take a closer look at where it will stand in the competitive MPV segment

Feb 23, 2015

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What is the price range of Chevrolet cars?

Chevrolet cars in India comes in the price range of Rs. 999.99 Crore to Rs. To Be Announced.

Is the diesel model available in Chevrolet cars?

No, Chevrolet does not offer diesel models in India

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