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  • 3.8

    For city rides, owing to its weight, the bike is good only if you can handle it. Still, grabbing the clutch occasionally can give you a sore wrist if you are stuck in a long traffic. Cruising speed is about 80-90 kmph and can go up to 115 kmph without much discomfort. Although, mileage has a drastic reduction above speeds of 90. The area in which it shines is on long rides. Even riding 1000 kms with just occasional pit stops I have never had any back pain whereas I have felt it for RE Classic variant. The weight of close to 200 kmph is an assurance on great highways, you feel stable even at high speeds. But the weight becomes an issue while we are in cities and when we have to make you turns in tight spaces. So city rides- no, long highway rides, mountain rides - yeah. The torque can eat up steep slopes without any apparent effort. So for a close to 2 lakh price I am very happy with this bike although I knew what I was getting into and I wanted it.

  • 3.0

    Bike is overall a good package but when it comes to its build quality it f***s your pocket as of now i have driven it 18000kms but i have changed my sprocket 4 times and whole chain set 1 time. Talking about the brakes it sucks, we only have a option of droping the gear to control the bike also the fuel pump in efi is going to give you the problem as it is made of plastic and comes in outer lower side of tank, it cracks then whole fuel leaks and the only option is to replace the pump which cost ₹9800 in the company. Seriously man pump made of plastic will going to cost you ₹10600 after the fitment. Rest vibrations and lot other issues you are going to face. Its better to drive this bike in the economy speed for a longer use rest the issues will raise quickly if you overuse it. Overall it gives you feel. So, these are the major issues which i have faced with my bull but minor issues are coming in between even at unexpected moment.

  • 1.8

    This bike is give me lot of trouble and i am lost huge money for repair mainly engine oil leakage. I tried to contact the manufacture but it is in vain and in lot of problems do to this bike. any body can help to clear this bike problem or you can advice how i can get help the manufactures. thank you.

  • 5.0

    Superb bike I am.owner of bajaj bike Hero bike And royal Enfield 500 ccFor me Enfield is no 1You feel like a king when you ride on it Its speed like a bulletIts dug dug gives you much pleasure ......No other bike can compare with it....SUPERBFANTASTIC

  • 3.4

    it is a very good bike comes to performance but maintenance cost, mileage, and overheating gives you uncomfortable experience with it. Bullet 500 is just a pride to own and ride with it not for daily commute.

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