TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS 2000km Long Term Review

  • Dec 10, 2014
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This month it has all been about city commuting. And the Apache 180, courtesy its size, has proved to be an asset

TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS

Yes, the TVS Apache 180 ABS, like the 160, is a small motorcycle. Its wheelbase is comparable to other 150s (as is its price, by the way), but its seat height is low; its handle bar is relatively narrow; and because it has slightly racy ergonomics, it’s easy to get the Apache to change directions in a hurry. All of this means one thing – a bike that’s precise, safe and willing to cut through traffic without resistance.

What we would have liked better on the TVS Apache 180 ABS though, is a better damped front. Now TVS markets this bike as one born on the race track; so it must be slightly stiff in its suspension setup and less wallowy, right? Wrong. The front of the motorcycle loves to bottom out while the rear (in factory pre-load setup) does pogo a bit. So, on a flat road, the Apache is brilliant, but give it some undulations, some bumps or a sudden weight transfer, and it’s a different animal. Not exactly deadly, but not the most likable either.

The engine on the other hand is likable. It’s peppy and unobtrusive enough to get you travelling a lot faster than you initially intended. The 17PS (or thereabouts) single cylinder engine has a good spread of torque and nice crisp throttle response. So, it gathers momentum in a pleasingly quick and seamless way. This also means, pulling ahead of a car drifting across lanes when commuting in the city (because the driver is busy texting, of course) in a hurry, is no problem. And because of this grunt and the Apache’s quick turning nature, I have been making gaps which I didn’t even spot earlier!

Now, it’s time to get a second opinion on the Apache 180 ABS… which means handing over the keys to someone younger and more excitable… Arun? You there…

Total Kilometre to Date: 2,155km

Fuel Efficiency: 41kmpl

Date Acquired: October 2014

Cheers: Agility, Engine

Sneers: Front suspension setup

TVS Apache RTR 180
TVS Apache RTR 180
Rs. 1.32 Lakh
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