Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 Interstellar vs Celestial: Which Variant To Buy?

  • May 20, 2023
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One cruiser, two distinct riding experiences… which one is for you?

The Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 in its Celestial Red trim is the newest member of the ZigGarage. During our road test, we answered some important questions about the Super Meteor, and now, after spending a few weeks with the top trim we have more clarity on a few other aspects. So, here’s a lowdown on how different the Celestial and Interstellar variants are, more importantly, which one is for you.

Are They Really That Different?

Let’s start with a bit of math. The Interstellar Green costs Rs 3.69 lakh while the Celestial Red demands Rs 3.85 lakh. That’s a difference of Rs 16,000.And for the additional money you pay for the top variant, you get a windshield, a touring seat, pillion backrest and of course, this fancy colour. Of course, even if you buy the base or the mid variant, you can always buy these parts from RE’s Genuine Accessories catalogue.

Celestial Red

Rs 3,84,845

Interstellar Green

Rs 3,69,622

But as you can see, you’ll spend more than you would if you would have directly  purchased the Celestial trim.



Touring Screen 

Rs 4500

Deluxe Touring Seat + backrest kit

Rs 12,000


You’ll be surprised to know how these components change your riding experience with the Super Meteor 650.

Difference In Fuel Efficiency

The lack of windshield on the Interstellar trim makes you sort of an air dam and you just don’t face the windblast but also affects the fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, thanks to the windshield here, there’s a clear aero advantage here and we managed to extract almost 3 kmpl more efficiency on the highway. It is still quite low than the Interceptor 650. But the Celestial is not just more fuel efficient than the Interstellar, but also a lot more comfier.

Super Meteor Celestial Red


Super Meteor 650 Interstellar Green


Interceptor 650


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Difference In Comfort Levels

If I had to choose one, purely based on appearance, it would undoubtedly be the Interstellar. The scooped seat looks so much cooler than this heavily padded touring seat. But even though this seat looks cool, it is difficult to do long distances because of its design. Because of the shape, you end up seating in a position where your tailbone is prone to the impacts of potholes and speedbumps. The way the rear suspension is setup, your back ends up taking the brunt of any and every undulation…. Which is not the case with the Celestial variant.

Though the top trim has the same suspension, the shape of the seat and the extra cushioning takes care of most potholes and bumps, and only the sharpest ones can be felt. And because you aren’t sinking into the seat like on this bike, your arms aren’t stretched as much, which will reduce fatigue on long rides.

Even the windshield should help in reducing fatigue for most riders, since windblast is greatly reduced. For taller people like me, this windshield creates helmet buffeting, which becomes more irritating since my torso is isolated from the windblast. For people who are shorter than 5’10, this should be great on highways. 

Difference In Pillion Comfort

Now this is a no-brainer. The pillion seat on the base and mid trims of the Super Meteor 650 is too small to be comfortable for anyone. And even if you opt for these trims, you should get yourself the pillion backrest from RE’s official accessory lineup. The backrest gives a sense of safety to the pillion, since there is no grab rail and the seat itself is too small.

Pillion Backrest

Rs 1050

Black Passenger Backrest Mounts

Rs 3950

But the backrest with the touring seat is a different experience altogether. The extra padding makes a big difference, and makes it comfortable for long rides. Also with the touring seat, the rider and the pillion don't brush against each other given the increased real estate. 

Also, thanks to the straight exhaust pipes, the footpeg position for the pillion is a lot better compared to that of Int or the Conti 650. That said, taller people will still find the cruisers pegs a bit cramped for long rides.

Difference In Performance

Interestingly, the windshield not just makes it fuel efficient and comfier but also doesn’t affect its performance much. In our acceleration tests, the Celestial variant is just 0.4 seconds off the Interstellar variant, and similar is the case in our roll-on acceleration figures. In the real world, the difference is barely noticeable, plus when you actually accelerate that hard, you can tuck behind the windshield and save yourself from the windblast.

So, Which One Is For Whom?

More comfortable and more fuel efficient… not a bad deal for the Rs 16,000 that you shell out extra for the top trim, right? But it is not that straightforward. If you intend to go touring, hands down the top trim makes more sense. You will be sitting on a much more comfortable seat, you don't have to face the windblast.

But if you intend to do commuting, and occasional weekend rides, Interstellar is the one for you. The windshield is helpful on the highway, but in the city, especially during rush hours, you’ll wish for that little breeze. In the money you save, you can opt for the bar-end mirrors, and perhaps the solo finisher carrier to give your cruiser a bratty look.

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