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Renault Kiger
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Rs. 6.49 Lakh
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Renault Kiger User Reviews

Based on 143 rating & 142 reviews
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  • Perfect Compact SUV Experience

    The Renault Kiger painlessly stands out in the compact SUV member, boasting a disparate project language that exudes confidence on the road. Its satiny yet muscular lines combine with a presiding front tulle to produce an indelible presence. Outside, the Kiger surprises with its ample innards, delivering unusual comfort and practicality. The agent's slice- bite features, involving a seamlessly integrated infotainment system and improved security measures, contribute to a coincidental driving hassle. Beneath the hood, its spirited machine options pledge an engaging lift for both megacity commutes and open roadways. In summary, the Renault Kiger consummately redefines prospects, carrying an seductive and upmarket liberty.

  • The stylish design turned heads

    I recently zoomed around Mumbai in the Renault Kiger, and boy, was I impressed! This compact SUV not only nailed the city traffic but also cruised effortlessly on the Western Ghats. The peppy engine delivered a fun drive in Goa too, where its compact size made parking near Calangute a breeze. The stylish design turned heads on Marine Drive, while the spacious interior comfortably accommodated my family on a Pune road trip. The mileage was impressive, even on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway. If you're looking for a versatile ride that's perfect for both bustling city life and weekend getaways, the Renault Kiger is your go-to companion!

  • Kiger: Excitement on Wheels with Four-Star Safety

    The Renault Kiger, the epitome of excitement on wheels! With a four-star safety rating, you can zoom around with peace of mind. Its sprightly performance will leave you in awe, tackling any road with ease. Maneuverability is a breeze, thanks to its light steering and compact footprint. Step inside and experience the spacious interior that rivals even the biggest competitors. The Renault Kiger is here to take your driving experience to new heights. Get ready to ignite your passion and embark on thrilling adventures. Don't miss out on this exhilarating ride – grab your Renault Kiger today!

  • my attention pulled to this model

    I can feel my attention pulled to this model because of its special immolations. The Renault Kiger's helpful prayer and provocative interpretation have completely won my respect. It provides me with a complete combination of phraseology and administration, making it perfect for my quotidian exertion. I love the Kiger because of its satiny design and slice- edge functionality. It's a establishment fave of Cornucopia due to its commanding appearance on the road and comfortable driving experience. The cooperative driving experience has been completely converted by Renault, and I appreciate the Kiger for adding excitement to my junkets.

  • 4.7
    Its looking very veery smart

    Its looking very veery smart i love this model and good interior outer evrything is forfect

  • Very nice car loking hot

    Very nice car loking hot 20 mileage driving very easy and nice speed mood

  • 2.7
    Renault kiger

    Stay away from the renault kiger i took delivery of my brand new vehicle on 11 october 2021 only to discover that this vehicle is riddled with manufacturing defects and has shady and sloppy workmanship that in my opinion is a result of being manufactured for cheap labour in india.The following was noted upon accepting delivery: - the indicator was non functional - the hazards on the vehicle remained one permanently - the clip on my bonnet was broken and stuck with prestik- the were scratch marks on the hand glove compartment - a piece of leather was hanging out at the side of the steering - the carpet on the drivers side is cut in three places and stapled together - the leather on steering appears to be pealing - there inner panels of the doors was loose on two doors with distinct gaps upon bringing the above to the attention of the dealership i was provided with cheap fixes and excuses.I was further told some of the above was characteristics of the car and all kigers would be like this.The principal of renault durban advised that she cannot replace the vehicle as the clips she replaced was valued at r10 (shocking) and refused to take liability of the other problems as her excused rendered to be sufficient.To my further horror the doors on the vehicle had manufacture defects.Both rear passenger side doors have dirt specs ingrained in the paintwork and the the doors are glazed with a clear quote of paint.The dealership initially agreed to replace the doors however upon inspection two other kigers had the same defect.The dealership has now advised that they are willing to repair the doors by means of painting it.Yes renault is now offering to paint my brand nee vehicle as a result of negligence form the manufacturer.(even thought they admitted the paint colour is not available in the country as yet) i did contact renault south africa customer care to aid me.It has been two weeks, I requested for a senior manager to schedule a meeting with me and i have received no feedback to date.It is evident that renault south africa customer care and renault durban are colluding to save cost and not give me a solution that is suitable for me.

  • See folks buying experience

    See folks buying experience was like revisiting an old good showroom where the team n our family have known us for a long time.Well i am here to say about the driving section only:- see on the first delivery of my car i was the first to drive straight out from the showroom.Driving at city is easy n good.It's a very good practical car to my eyes compared to its own magnite.I have used n familiarise all the drive modes, Feature offer.Well i have bought the turbo variant because i enjoy driving punchy hp with good engi e for the price.100hp dual tone.Sitting three in back is decent but now wow.It felt like driving mini duster rxz instead of 110hp.Eco n normal mode have a minimal engine response diff.Sports n ecco is significant.Being compact suv it's nimbal to drive compared to duster.Turbo is a rev happy budget engine, Turbo kicks around 2000-2500rpm all the way to red line.At night i was shocked to get 19.99kmpl on ecco mode drive, Normal driving around 19kmpl.City driving at around 10-12kmpl around.Light isn't something i am happy so much 😞.

  • 3.7
    Compact suv

    Let me make this clear.This vehicle comes with a lot of premium features and looks that others cars in the segment don't provide.But that comes with some compromise on safety and performance or ironically the 'heart & soul' of the car.Of course there's lag in the engine and the cabin noise is there.Also we don't feel that heavyness that other cars like nexon and sonet provide.Especially thats because there's a huge compromise on the build quality.Well, I'm only talking about the 'compact suv' segment here and by the price it comes.This car is excellent! yes, All these negatives i have told you are there.But look at the price! only and only if are okay with the average safety and a little bit engine noise(not enough to be worried of-just a little bit) and also if you need a bigger car than a sedan or hatchback at a lower price with some compromise, Then this is it! atleast please don't go with a maruti car as it has a more worse build quality than kiger.

  • small size is ideal for urban navigation

    Hello, my name is Alisha, and I'm excited to share my opinions on the Renault Kiger. This little SUV has added excitement to my city excursions and weekend getaways. Everyone notices the Kiger's attractive look and sophisticated features. Its small size is ideal for urban navigation, yet it does not sacrifice room. The turbocharged engine provides the necessary power for interstate driving, although I wish the fuel efficiency was little higher. The infotainment system in the Kiger keeps me amused, although the touch screen might be quicker. Though enhanced driver-assistance systems would be good, safety features give piece of mind. If you're searching for a stylish SUV, the Renault Kiger combines design and comfort, despite a few small flaws.


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