Volkswagen reveals Polo Cup 2011 Car

After a successful debut season of the Volkswagen Polo Cup in India last year, the German car manufacturer will soon bring further motorsport action in their all new race Polo

The Polo Cup car for the 2011 season

Though the track Polo looks pretty much similar to its production variant, there are a lot of changes in terms of performance, power and build. The production models of the Polo in India are available in the petrol as well as the diesel versions. The Diesel versions are used for the racing purpose. Firstly, the diesel variants available for consumers are powered by 1.2 litre engines ad compared to the race Polo roaring with a 1.6litre (same engine as in the Vento). A six-speed manual transmission with 128hp and 250Nm of torque form the crux of the Polo Cup car.

This year’s Polo, retains the same engine specifications but has seen a makeover on a lot of other fronts. Upgrades of the body panels, on the inside and on the comfort front for the drivers have been the main area of focus for the engineers to bring about changes and hence make a better car for racing purposes. 

 The aerodynamic body kit including a front and rear spoiler, side skirts and rear wing makes it look like a car that is built purely for racing purposes and not for production. Designed with a sole purpose to race, the car is specially fitted with adjustable Sachs race suspensions, handsome 17inch alloys with burnt to race 200/605 R17 slicks. An all new exhaust system with an enhanced flow brings much more sportiness in the sound have been introduced for the new season. Even though each race of the Polo Cup is not more than 10-15laps, the fact that drivers are constantly revving the engines high is enough to judge the amount of heat generated by the powerhouse. A bonnet air scoop for inflow of outside air allows the engine temperatures to go down and ensure that the engines are not overheated.

A better gripping steering wheel of the new Polo race car

It is not just the body that has undergone an alteration. On the inside is an all new steering-angle sensor which is extremely efficient in acquiring driver’s input analysis, and to give driving style comparison between drivers. The typical Volkswagen style steering wheel from last year has been replaced with a new wheel for enhanced driving grip. The safety and security systems remain unchanged.

The races of the Polo Cup are hosted in Coimbatore and Chennai. Both the cities are extremely humid and dehydrate the drivers in no time. To evade such situations VW have introduced an electronically assisted driver drink to keep the drivers hydrated at times during the race.   

The car has surely changed, but as far as the championship is concerned, we all would surely like to see some swift and talented racing on the circuit similar to what we saw in the previous season. The first race of the VW Polo Cup 2011 will be flagged off on 17th June at the Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore.


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