Our Picks Of The Top 5 Two-wheelers Ridden In 2021

  • Dec 28, 2021
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Some expected names, some that are completely out of the blue

In 2021, we, the ZigWheels boys, rode close to 50 different two-wheelers. Some were fast, some were economical, had fun on nearly all of them and a few etched themselves in our hearts. This story is about the latter, the five two-wheelers that we still have lingering feelings about, the ones we might want to ride again in 2022 or better still, for the entirety of 2022.

Here’s our pick of the top five two-wheelers that we have ridden in 2021 in alphabetical order:

Ducati Monster
‘Just Fun’ was promised and fun was delivered. The new Monster is just so friendly and accommodating that newbie big bike riders can hop on and find their footing easily. It is such a versatile bike that even experienced riders will find it to be quite exciting in almost all riding scenarios. The likeability towards this motorcycle commences when you thumb the starter to bring the 937cc L-twin Testastretta motor to life. It is light, easy and extremely forgiving. And did we mention fun? Yeah, it is a whole lotta fun.

KTM RC 200
Don’t let the spec sheet and images ruin your decision making process. Case in point the new KTM RC 200. The riding experience doesn’t entirely tell the story that the spec sheet narrates. It is far more usable, it is far more rewarding and it is definitely sharper than before. Yes, the styling is a bit much, its face looks like a teenager going through puberty. However, once you are behind the saddle, it is a completely enjoyable experience, one that you don’t need to push out of your comfort zone to enjoy.

Royal Enfield Classic 350
This is literally the best bike we have ridden this year. We were expecting a host of changes and after riding the Meteor 350, we kinda knew how the J-platform Classic would turn out to be. And boy, the experience astride the Classic 350 was mind blowing, and left us spellbound by its capabilities! Yes, it isn’t a fast bike but it is faster than before. Yes, it doesn’t look that different from its predecessor and yet every single element on the bike is different. The charming 349cc single-cylinder mill has been a revelation. And if you have read our first long-term report of the bike, you know the boys are always vying to have the bike with them for the weekends.

Suzuki Hayabusa
The icon remastered? Sure, the Hayabusa has gone through a multitude of changes to become viable to be sold in 2021 and beyond. The ethos of the bike, though, remains unchanged. Its lust for speed hasn’t gone down, it still goes from naught to naughty in seconds and it is still the ‘Dhoom’ bike. But it is not just that. It is far sportier, far sharper and demanding you treat it like you would a litre-class sportbike. Yes, it is bulky, so your skills need to be on point to handle the heft. But the way it devours corners is truly spectacular.

Yamaha Aerox 155
Expect the unexpected from Yamaha, always. For years, the company toyed with the idea of bringing the NMax 155 to India. And in 2021, it brought us the… Aerox 155. While both of these scooters share their engine and foundations to a certain extent, the Aerox is definitely a bold step. It isn’t practical, sensible or conventional. The ride quality is too firm, there’s a massive spine which limits floor space and the styling is very much youthful, which doesn’t favour its chances with the traditional scooter buyer. However, it isn’t for the traditional scooter buyer. It is fast, handles like a motorcycle and is just a fun to ride scooter. The TVS NTorq 125 comes close to it in the handling department but the Aerox just blows the competition away with its performance!

Royal Enfield Classic 350
Royal Enfield Classic 350
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