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  • Q. I stay in an apartment. How do I charge MG Motor ZS EV as I don't have charging socket in the parking and neither can I take the battery home for charging.
    Sid | 1 year ago

    MG installs he charging next to your parking at home or office. You will need RWA permission for flats. Currently MG is not charging any cost for installing home charging station which charges car at 7.5 kWh. Takes 6- 7 hrs to full charge.

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  • Q. Is there any separate fast charging sockets in MG Motor ZS EV?
    Sid | 1 year ago

    MG installs free home charging station of 7.5 KW. This takes 6-7 hrs of charging to 100%.

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  • Q. Is all features same as MG Hector?
    Zigwheels | 11 months ago

    For the complete comparison of both the car features you may click on the following link - MG ZS EV VS MG Hector.

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    • Comfortable, Responsive, Quiet and lovely to drive.I wouldn't go back to a petrol car.The interactive screen should be improved and it would benefit from auto-drive (as with tesla).Wipers and heated wing mirrors would also be a benefit.Mg needs to get more responsible dealers on board.Where i got mine, They are a bunch of !@#$%.1st car i actually enjoy driving and i have tried a lot, From c****y nissan's through to lambo's.135 plus miles per charge, Depending how you drive it.If you drive flat out around 110-115.Paying attention to limits and the road ahead you'll easily get 140miles out of it.It prefers a reasonable pace of acceleration, So don't think keeping the needle in the 10% efficiency range is best, Its not.As you need to keep your foot on the pedal for longer.Not maxing out, But say up to 50%initially, Then dropping to 20%, Seems to work best giving momentum, Quite often means you can either drop to 0% or go into charging mode, Depending on gradient and other traffic.1 thing that i didn't realise until talking to my neighbour who has vw electric van and other electric car owners.The size and power of the battery depends on how much and how quickly you can charge.At home it was costing me roughly £1 to get a full charge, My neighbour £8.Tesla's have more range, But because of the extra power as with my neighbour, They cost more to charge per comparative mile as well.Since receiving my first 4 months electric bill i have changed provider and haven't checked the latest 8 months.I may being paying more because of the current provider.

    • Once you drive an electric car you will never drive ICE car. MG ZS is a bit expensive but savings of electricity use will catch up. ProsLots of roomThough is compact SUV, it's stance is like an SUV with great visibility and easy to get in and outInterior is very comfortable Boot size is decent 0 - 100 it does in 8 secondsFinishing is goodiSmart AppConsSome features in App is missing compared to Thai cersionMissing features Auto Pilot, blind spot assist, front sensorsMissing Led Jawad lamp plus missing Led bright light in cabin and boot.Very happy so far. Will write 6 months review soon.Range is no problem for me as I drive max avg 50 Kms a day so with 300 Kms range on full battery charging every 5th day. That's not bad also the feeling of not going to petrol pump is great. ( You know what I mean)Charging at home is simple. Car comes with home charge panel. Wiring is done by co and charging station 7.5 KW is installed free of cost. With higher cost of electricity in Mumbai it costs around Rs.1.2-1.5 per km. That's a lot of savings on my previous petrol car that used to cost close to Rs 8 per km.If you are planning to buy any ICE or EV will definitely insist to test drive MG ZS. You will never drive ICE car after this. With regen level 3, you can literally drive car using only 1 foot for acceleration for 95% of time.

    • This car i am using from last 6 months travelled 8500 km this vehicle is excellent i love my car driving is very very comfortable my kids enjoy very much i travelled 300 km one way 5 times and kept charging there overall the car is excellent i recommend everyone to go for this car i also kept solar grid connected 8kva at my home.

    • I bought an mgzs and the experience was great.The staff is experienced and customer handling is best.I am happy with mg motors services.

    • Si far had gud experience.Have to wait a year to see how it turns out.Getg a range of 320-360 so far on city to city travel.

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