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beautifully made for you

This is the perfect example of an electric SUV: the MG ZS EV. What more could a person ask for? spacious, modern, and eco-friendly. With luxurious seating and all the contemporary amenities you could want, the inside feels like of a five-star hotel on wheels. and running it? You're as silky as a man. It's completely electric, so you might feel good about reducing your carbon footprint. If you're searching for a car that is both practical and stylish, I can assure you that the MG ZS EV is your best bet

(21 Jun 2024) 0

Most comfortable car

It is a fast and responsive electric SUV with a good feature set and good technology but the cost is high.

(19 Jun 2024) 0

good ev no doubt

ride quality is not great, the car is still a great drive and has a very practical and spacious interior.

(18 Jun 2024) 0

MG ZS EV: A Smooth Ride

I decided to experiment with the MG ZS EV for our recent weekend trip to Agra. The first thing that struck me was the silent, smooth drive unlike any petrol or diesel vehicle. The instant torque from the electric motor was impressive and it made overtakes on the highway is very easy task to perform. The car claims a range of 340 km but on our trip, I felt a bit anxious as the range dropped faster than expected specially with the AC on.

(11 Jun 2024) 0

MG ZS EV Pros and Cons

ZS EV Positives Points: Classy styling, fun to drive, plush cabin experience, achievable range of 300-350km

ZS EV Negatives Points: Rear seat and boot space could have been better, charging times have gone up

Zigwheels Expert's Conclusion : The MG ZS EV now offers better practicality, comfort, safety features, value and is fun too. So, calling it nice doesn’t quite cut it. It’s good. Very good.

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Helpful Reviews of ZS EV


SUV in Full Fusion Electric Mode

the MG ZS EV delivers an SUV that is a dash of electrifying driving, amalgamates zero-emission driving with innovative design, sophisticated technology, and flexible performance. As MG's flagship electric SUV, the ZS EV personifies what the brand stands for —sustainable mobility and driving pleasure, merging the style, comfort, and efficiency in a single package. This electric SUV boasts of a streamlined exterior, spacious interior room and long-range capacity that caters to the demands of eco-friendly drivers who are in the market for a vehicle that is not just practical but also stylish for everyday use and recreation. Powered by MG's advanced electric powertrain, fast-charging infrastructure and an extensive safety features equipped, the ZS EV provides an exhilarating drive while putting comfort, convenience and peace of mind at the driver's forefront.


Compact SUV Experience with Innovation

The MG ZS EV marks a pioneering figure in the electric SUV realm, which errandlessly combines charismatic design with ethical efficacy. With its contemporary look with sharp lines, large grille and unique LED headlights it offers itself as a stylish green city adventurer. Equipped with an effective electric motor, the ZS EV provides a silent and emission-free drive as per MG’ s principle of green mobility. The sunroof, touchscreen infotainment system along with other advanced safety systems in its portfolio make it technologically sound yet comfortable to drive car. The contemporary style, eco-friendly engineering of the compact SUV will suit those drivers that desire a unison of innovation and sustainability in their everyday urban escapades. MG ZS EV embodies electric excellence, imploring motorists to embrace the green and sleek future of our highways.


Eco-Friendly SUV with Style and Substance

The MG ZS EV is a game changer in the electric SUV segment, delivering eco-friendly transportation without the compromise of style or performance. It stands out on the road with its contemporary appeal due to its striking and modern design which incorporates clean lines, a striking grille, and innovative LED lighting. Thanks to an innovative electric motor it develops tremendous torque and provides instant acceleration resulting in easy and pleasant driving in a city. The ZS EV features an expansive and luxuriously furnished cabin equipped with top-of-the-line materials and advanced technology, creating a relaxed environment for driver and passengers. The ZS EV comes with the safer technologies and connectivity features such as touchscreen infotainment system and vehicle remote control to provide sustainable, connected and safe drive for everyone.


MG ZS EV: Electric Sophistication Redefined

" The MG ZS EV reinvent electric elegance, presenting a new style and improved technology in the category of electronic SUVs. With its smooth and elongated shape, innovative lines and roomy interior, the ZS EV represents MG’s mission for excellence in electric driving. The battery with high capacity together with the fast-charging ensures a comfortable and long range of driving an electric vehicle. MG has created a wonderful SUV called the ZS EV, complete with features such as an intelligent infotainment system and advanced safety technologies that make it both refined in its own right but also defines new benchmarks for electric vehicle operation. When driving the ZS EV, it’s not just about taking up being sustainable; you leap into future with electric vehicles whereby MG merges sophistication and advanced technology together."

Rs. 24.18 Lakh
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Best User Experiences with ZS EV


MG ZS EV Electric Luxury, Redefining Urban Adventu

With the MG ZS EV, an electric SUV that blends control with simple, environmentally friendly functionality, I can unlock my electric potential. Take a ride in the ZS EV and witness the futuristic electric machine. With its electric capabilities, this Vehicle redefines SUV assiduity, and offers a fascinating definition. For drivers who yearn for an electric SUV that fits their public lifestyle perfectly, the ZS EV is a great choice due to its eye-catching looks, wide electric range and slice-byte technology MG is immured to showcase its electric driving capabilities performed on public roads, be it Whether it’s megacity roads or roads, and this electric SUV is proof of that.


Electric Sophistication MG ZS EV

i can go on an electric adventure with Trend and substance when my punch an MG ZS EV, an electric SUV that combines luxury witheco-friendly driving. This electric SUV transports my into the future of transportation with its startling Design and powerful electric performance. My experience suggest that the ZS EV is a vehicle that prioritizes reliability and fineness while keeping a Advanced appearance. This adventure vehicle runs on electricity. MG is immured to furnishing consumers with a Stylish and environmentally conscious trip mate, whether they're Navigating through megacity business or venturing off the usual road, and this electric SUV is substantiation of this.

Manoj Singh
Manoj Singh

Your Passport to Green Adventure!

i can unlock my electric prowess with the MG ZS EV, an electric SUV that combines Power with provident, ecologically friendly Design. punch the ZS EV to go the future of electric transportation. This vehicle provides thrilling performance and redefines the SUV request with its electric capabilities. The ZS EV's Impressive Design, longer electric range, and country- of- the- art technology make it a fantastic my selection for motorists searching for an electric SUV that complements their Urban life. This electric SUV is substantiation of MG's devotion to establishing its electric driving prowess on public roads, whether they're megacity Streets or roadways.

Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sh..

MG ZS EV Unleash Electric Prowess with MG.

The ground- breaking up MG ZS EV is an electric SUV that unleashes electric Power while maintaining the special MG aesthetic. With its slice- bite features and important interpretation, this electric auto not only redefines prospects but also plays a portion in a sustainable future. The ZS EV, which offers a thrilling electric driving experience while defending the brand's rubric of quality and workmanship, is a headstone to MG's fidelity to invention. It represents MG's audacious incursion into the electric time and proves that driving an electric auto can be exhilarating and ecologically responsible at the same time.

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