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  • Q. Has anyone heard of a serious brake pad issues with the new Skoda Superb L&K 1.8 AT huge Knocking sound.
    Anish | 4 months ago

    I have a Superb 1.8 TSI MT, purchased in Oct, 2018. Just after 1.5-2k kilometers I started getting grinding noise on braking. Got it to the service centre and they cleaned the disc and gave the car back to me. Again after a few months and 2k kilometers I started getting same issue. Went back to the service station and they have told to replace the brake pads and disc under warranty. Hopefully I won't get this issue again after replacing the pads and discs.

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  • Q. 1.We have heard lot about poor after sales for Skoda Superb? Is it True? 2. What about Audi after sales? 3. I have heard that DSG 7 used in Skoda Superb had lots of concerns. Have they improved it?
    Andrew | 4 weeks ago

    DSG 7 in Skoda or VW all are somewhat problematic and expensive. But, it's improved a bit now.,if serviced well and taken care of. Especially as far as Skoda goes, it is a precious care and definitely after sales is quite few due to networking and recently it is also improved alot. Hereafter Skoda has a proper network, so u can go for it. I would suggest go for Skoda manual variant rather than auto, for both efficient and long-term point including avoiding hitches and problems.

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  • Q. I am planning to buy a Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI AT. But am worried about the DQ200 problem which a lot of people have faced it in the fast. Is this problem resolved ? I am driving my 1.9 TDI Octavia since 2004 and have driven 256000 kms without any hassle and any major maintenance cost apart from routine servicing. So I am very satisfied with what I have been driving since 2004 so am planning to stick to the same brand But a bigger car with automation gearbox.
    Zigwheels | 11 months ago

    The new Superb is itself 75kg lighter and that means fuel efficiency has also gone up (14.67kmpl for the DSG, 14.12kmpl for the diesel). Interestingly the manual petrol peaks at 320Nm of torque while, to account for the torque limitations of the DQ-200 7-speed DSG gearbox, the automatic petrol has been detuned to 250Nm (though power remains the same). Overall, third-gen Skoda Superb simply approves its old recipe of space, pace and grace. There’s practically nothing to dislike about the car, save for a slightly gruff engine note. There’s enough space for five occupants, and the massive 625-litre boot will swallow their luggage whole as well. More than anything, it is phenomenal value-for-money.

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  • Q. I would like to buy a Skoda Superb, can u tell me your driving experience and it's pros and cons?
    Zigwheels | 11 months ago

    The exteriors of Skoda Superb comes with attractive features like angular headlamps, rising shoulder line, and a very attractive rear body design accentuated by smart tail lamp clusters. Interiors are made up of quality materials and Superb’s spacious front and rear bench allows 5 adult occupants to sit in utmost comfort. Skoda Superb comes powered by two engine options - 175 BHP 2.0-litre turbocharged Diesel engine and 178 BHP 1.8-litre turbocharged TSI petrol engine, both engines offering optimum combination of power and efficiency. While the diesel engine comes only with automatic transmission, buyers can opt for both manual as well as automatic transmission in the petrol guise. In the Indian market, Skoda Superb is up against the likes of Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and its own cousin Octavia among others. Pros: - Phenomenal amount of rear-seat legroom. One can sit cross-legged with ease. - Quality of plastics and leather used in the cabin is top class. Leaves very little room for complaint. - Pliant suspension gobbles up surface irregularities. - Super-smooth 7-speed DSG automatic is a joy to use. - Loaded with features - touchscreen audio system, ambient lighting, three-zone climate control, sunroof, 8 airbags etc. Cons: - The diesel engine gets slightly vocal on the move. Dampens the premium experience. - No hybrid variant on offer - both the Camry and the Accord offer hybrid tech.

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  • Q. I’m planning on buying a preowned sedan. While considering City and Verna being priced around 7-8 lakhs for a better variant, I found 2010 or so year’s Skoda Superb around the same price category. Would it be a good option to opt for an old Superb?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    All the above mentioned cars are good and have their own forte but it would be unfair to bid a value here as it depends on physical condition of the car, KMs driven, no. of owners etc. Here are some points that needs to be checked before purchasing a used car. 1. Do check the services and insurance record of the car to know about the car condition & damage areas. 2. Let the car be parked into an open space, avoiding shadows with adequate sunlight falling on the car & check for any dents and repair work. 3. Step inside and check the interiors and monitor the overall features and details on offer. 4. Get the car checked with the authorized service center to know about the car condition. 5. At last take a test drive & don't forget to bargain over the price to grab a best deal.

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  • Q. Does New Skoda Superb petrol have any issues I have to buy next week?
    Andrew | 6 months ago

    Skoda is absolute gem of an engine. In which diesel is quite efficient,but slightly noisy when compared with petrol which gives low milege. If milege is not an issue, but you need the best luxuries car in that 32L segment, then definitely go for it. Another thing is go for Manual gear if you want less maintenance and enthusiastic drive. In DSG gearbox, maintenance costs huge,its smooth..but takes more expense to maintain..if not it breaksdown in lonterm. So my suggestion is to go for Superb petrol MT

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    Skoda Superb Dimension & Space FAQs

    Q. What is the ground clearance of Skoda Superb?
    A. The ground clearance (Unladen) of Skoda Superb is 164mm.
    Q. What is the seating capacity of Skoda Superb?
    A. The seating capacity of Skoda Superb is 5.
    Q. What is the fuel tank capacity of Skoda Superb?
    A. The fuel tank capacity of Skoda Superb is 66 Liters.
    Q. What is the dimensions of Skoda Superb?
    A. The exterior dimension (length*width*height) of Skoda Superb is 4861*1864*1483 mm3.
    Q. What is the length of Skoda Superb?
    A. The length of Skoda Superb is 4861 mm.
    Q. What is the width of Skoda Superb?
    A. The width of Skoda Superb is 1864 mm.
    Q. What is the wheel size of Skoda Superb?
    A. The wheels size of Skoda Superb is 17.
    Q. What is the tyre size of Skoda Superb?
    A. The tyre size of Skoda Superb is 215/55 R17.

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