TVS X Electric Scooter Review: Looks Like Thunder, Rides Like Lightning

  • Oct 30, 2023
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An electric scooter that looks good, is fun and exciting, but what else?

Photos by Kamesh Chauhan

An electric two-wheeler could make you feel a lot of things. It could thrill you, make you feel excited, and it could also make you feel sporty. And the new TVS X is one such electric scooter that can make you go – Even scooters can be sporty. We got to ride the TVS X electric scooter, albeit just for 15 minutes, on a track and we have some opinions about the new EV. So, let’s dive in.


The TVS X doesn't just look good; it oozes style and attitude. Sporting an aggressive body design and sporty aesthetics, this scooter stands out in the crowd. The vertically stacked LED headlight and aerodynamic front profile give it a unique appeal. What's more, it's bigger than most scooters in India, but that doesn't compromise its handling. In fact, its generous size translates into exceptional comfort.


Despite its sporty demeanour, the TVS X doesn't compromise on rider and pillion comfort. It boasts an upright riding posture with raised handlebars and a spacious seat. Even taller riders will find it accommodating. Plus, the suspension handles road imperfections decently, ensuring a comfortable ride. The rear suspension might have a quicker rebound, but it's something that could improve with a pillion.

Ride & Handling:

The TVS X is not just about comfort; it's about confidence and control. Thanks to a unique spine on the floorboard, riders can easily grip it with their feet and legs, providing a sporty, motorcycle-like feel. Despite its weight and size, the scooter feels remarkably light and nimble. It's easy to manoeuvre, making it a joy to handle, especially on the track.

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Now, the question on everyone's mind – is the TVS X fast and exciting to ride? The answer is a resounding yes. This sporty electric scooter has a responsive motor that delivers a thrilling riding experience. It can reach speeds of 80kmph quickly, and while it may take a bit more time to go beyond that, it's still quite impressive for a scooter. We'll provide more insights after a comprehensive road test, but during our review, the scooter shut off twice. We were informed that this is a safety measure to prevent overheating during aggressive use.


Good speed demands good stopping power, and the TVS X doesn't disappoint in this department. The front brake offers a sharp bite and excellent progression, providing riders with the confidence to push the scooter to its limits. Interestingly, the rear brake also offers a sharp bite, but be cautious – it can lock up the wheel.


The TVS X is loaded with features, and the 10-inch TFT console is a standout. It can be adjusted for better visibility and is as intuitive to use as a tablet. You can even watch videos, surf the internet, play music, and access a full-fledged navigation system. And the best part? You can start the scooter using the console, your smartphone, or even a smartwatch, perfect for those always on the move.


Now, the crucial bit: the price. At an ex-showroom price of Rs 2,49,990, the TVS X might make your wallet sweat a bit. While it's an impressive scooter with great features, looks, and performance, it's too early to judge if the price is justified or if it's practical for everyday use. To get a complete picture, we need to take the TVS X for a thorough road test under real-world conditions. So stay tuned for our detailed review on ZigWheels.

In conclusion, the TVS X is a sporty and unique addition to the market, promising an exciting ride. We can't wait to put it through its paces and share our full assessment with you soon!

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