Range of iQube Variants

Variants Mileage

iQube 2.2 kWh

. 2.2 Kwh .
60-75 km/charge Ask A Question

iQube 3.4 kWh

. 3.4 Kwh .
75-100 km/charge Ask A Question

iQube S 3.4 kWh

. 3.4 Kwh .
75-100 km/charge Ask A Question

iQube Running Cost

Monthly Charging Cost Rs. 825
Daily Charging Cost Rs. 27
Per KM Charging Cost Rs. 0.55

The iQube has a running cost of Rs. 0.55 per kilometer. Additionally, the monthly charging cost for the iQube is Rs. 825. This cost is calculated based on charging the vehicle at a rate of 6.5/ units of electricity and assuming a daily run of 50 kilometers.

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60 km
Battery Capacity
5.1 kwh
Electricity Price
Total Running Cost
Rs 0.55/kilometer

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TVS iQube Scooter User Reviews

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  • The tvs iqube electric

    The tvs iqube electric is a significant entry into the growing market of electric scooters, Aiming to combine style, Performance, And sustainability in a compact urban mobility solution.The iqube electric stands out with its modern and sleek design.The body is well-built, Featuring a combination of sharp lines and smooth curves.The scooter exudes a premium feel, Which is accentuated by thoughtful details such as led lighting, A digital instrument cluster, And quality paint finishes.The compact dimensions make it maneuverable in urban traffic, And the overall build quality gives a sense of durability.Equipped with an electric motor, The iqube promises a silent and smooth ride.The scooter boasts a decent top speed and acceleration, Making it suitable for city commuting.The electric powertrain delivers instant torque, Ensuring quick responsiveness in various traffic conditions.The scooter's lithium-ion battery pack offers a reasonable range on a single charge, Making it a practical choice for daily commutes.Charging times are relatively quick, And the iqube supports both fast charging and home charging, Adding to its convenience.The iqube electric provides a comfortable and stable ride.The suspension setup handles bumps and irregularities in the road well, Contributing to a smooth riding experience.The scooter's nimble handling is ideal for navigating through congested city streets, And its compact size allows easy parking.The braking system, With disc brakes on both wheels, Provides reliable stopping power, Enhancing overall safety.One of the highlights of the iqube electric is its integration of technology and features.The scooter comes equipped with a digital instrument cluster that displays essential information such as speed, Battery level, And range.Additionally, It offers connectivity features through a smartphone app, Allowing users to monitor the scooter's status, Track rides, And even locate it in a crowded parking lot.Such features enhance the overall user experience and align with the contemporary trends in smart and connected mobility solutions.As an electric scooter, The iqube significantly reduces the environmental footprint associated with traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.With zero tailpipe emissions, It contributes to the reduction of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.The adoption of electric vehicles, Especially in urban environments, Aligns with global efforts to transition towards cleaner and more sustainable transportation solutions.While electric vehicles tend to have a higher upfront cost, The iqube electric offers a compelling value proposition.The total cost of ownership, Factoring in lower maintenance costs and potential savings on fuel, Can make it a cost-effective choice in the long run.However, The affordability aspect may vary based on local incentives, Subsidies, And the availability of charging infrastructure.In conclusion, The tvs iqube electric is a commendable addition to the electric scooter market.Its stylish design, Robust performance, Technological features, And environmental sustainability make it a strong contender in the urban mobility space.While the market for electric scooters continues to evolve, The iqube electric successfully combines form and function, Catering to the needs of environmentally conscious consumers seeking a reliable and stylish electric commuting solution.

  • 3.8
    Tvs iqube ownership review in 10 months

    Tvs iqube ownership review after 12270 kms, Iam owning tvs iqube 75 km range white from march 2022 i will list cons first.I have serviced it1regularly at 4000 kms, 8000 kms, 10000 kms, 12000, Till 10000 kms there is no range issue persists.Initially they gave 5 amp laptop charger to charge it, That original1charger was long last upto 10000 kms only, Mine died at 10000 kms, At chennai tambaram mg motors they replace it with bold heavy charger with coolant fan, And they1replaced charger port, Replaced charger panel board, I think this new gen coolant fan charger and accessories1are incompatible to 75km range white version, From that change, My ev's range is keep on waxing for nothing1during driving, If full charge range is 75km, It will give 50-55 km only in ecomode, So rider's peace of mind1will be lost, You have to install gps camera and take picture during start of ride and end of ride for proof,1During riding suddenly range showing in cluster during driving it will be reduce than realtime distance, It1will end up in limp mode which show you tortoise symbol, After that you have to push your vehicle to your1home, Or you have to carry this 2.5 kg heavy charger in boot always and beg road side shops for charging it,1No other option there.This vehicle is 118 kg, So when you push the vehicle you will get shoulder pain, Chest pain, Hip pain, Since its real range is1only 55-60 in single rider mode after 10000 kms, You will start feel petrol scooter is rather better than this ev.From december - january i have gave1my ev to service station for 4 times consequetively, Each time they kept my vehicle for 3 to 4 days and does1nothing, So owner's peace of mind will be gone, You have to write lot of emails to tvs customer care.So each1time your palpitation will be high, You might get blood pressure, Or heart attack because of recklessness of1service station staff and tvs representatives behavior with your unsorted ev issue.Pros, Better looking1masculine ev in the market for men age of 30-40 speed is 44 - 48 kmph max in eco mode, Instant pickup is good,1Ideal for husband and wife one kid total weight of 120 kg pay load only, Meant for good roads only, Not p*t holes and spead breakers.

  • 4.2
    Electric scooters

    The iqube electric is a popular electric scooter from the indian manufacturer, Tvs.Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the iqube electric scooter: advantages:1.Environmentally friendly: as an electric scooter, The iqube st produces zero emissions, Reducing air pollution and contributing to a cleaner environment.2.Low operating costs: electric scooters are generally cheaper to operate than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, As electricity is typically less expensive than gasoline.3.Quiet operation: electric scooters are quieter than their gasoline counterparts, Contributing to reduced noise pollution in urban areas.4.Tech features: the iqube st comes with modern tech features such as smartphone connectivity, Gps, And geo-fencing.Disadvantages:1.Range anxiety: electric scooters typically have a limited range compared to gasoline-powered vehicles.The iqube st has a range of around 75 km on a single charge, Which may not be sufficient for long commutes without access to charging stations.2.Charging infrastructure: the availability of charging stations for electric vehicles can be limited in some areas, Which may make it challenging to find a convenient place to recharge the iqube st.3.Initial cost: electric scooters often have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional gasoline-powered scooters, Although this cost difference may be offset by lower operating costs over time.4.Charging time: while the iqube st can be charged using a standard 5a socket, It may take several hours to fully recharge, Which could be inconvenient for riders who need to use the scooter frequently.These advantages and disadvantages should be considered when evaluating whether the iqube st is the right choice for your needs.

  • Battery status

    I've been riding the tvs iqube electric scooter for several months now, And i'm thoroughly impressed with this stylish and functional machine.Here's my detailed review based on my experience so far.Firstly, The tvs iqube boasts a unique, Modern design that grabs attention.It's both sleek and functional, And i've noticed a good amount of interest from others while riding it.The blend of futuristic styling and practicality is a definite win.Embracing the electric drivetrain has been a major positive.The absence of noise and emissions makes each ride feel environmentally responsible.The tvs iqube provides peppy acceleration that's perfect for city riding.The handling is nimble, Allowing me to easily navigate even busy roads.Tvs has incorporated thoughtful connectivity features into the iqube.The companion app offers remote monitoring of things like battery status, Location tracking, And some handy ride statistics.These smart features add a layer of convenience and control over ownership.On the practical side, The tvs iqube has decent storage space for errands and essentials.It's built well, Which gives me confidence in its lifespan and reliability with regular use.Of course, There's always room for improvement.While the range suits my typical commutes, Longer journeys could be a challenge with the current battery.Increasing charging network availability would also be a huge leap for electric scooter practicality in general.Overall, My experience with the tvs iqube has been excellent.It's a stylish, Environmentally-conscious, And fun way to get around the city.If you're searching for an electric scooter with a dash of tech-savvy appeal, The tvs iqube is a strong contender.

  • 5.0
    I recently had the pleasure

    I recently had the pleasure to use the tvs iqube electric and i must say it has completely transformed my daily commuting experience.As someone who values sustainability and efficiency, This electric scooter has exceeded all my expectations.First and foremost, The icube electric delivers an impressive performance.The drivers its petrol powered counterparties.It's electric motor provides instant torque, Resulting in swift acceleration that effortlessly propels me through city streets.The power delivery is smooth and responsive, Making manoeuvring through traffic and absolute breeze.This cutters top speed of 78 kilometres per hour ensures that i can.Easily keep up with the flow of urban life.One of the standout feature of the scooter is that it's exceptional range.With a 2.25 kilowatt lithium ion battery pack, I can confidently travel up to 75.Kilometers on a single charge.This eliminates any range anxiety and allows me to embark on my daily commuters on route errands without worrying about finding charging stations.In conclusion, The tv s iq electric is a game changer in urban mobility.It's exceptional performance, Impressive range, Smart connectivity, And commitment to sustainability make it an outstanding choice for anyone seeking an electric scooter.With every ride, I'm reminded of the positive change.In making and the joy of riding a technologically advanced eco friendly vehicle, I wholeheartedly recommend the tv s iq electric to all urban commuters looking for greener and more efficient mode of transportation.

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